Monday , June 14 2021

Between Waly Seck and the wrestlers, who really shocked? (Without Serigne Babacar Dieng)

If there is a controversial artist in the country of France, Waly Seck, the Faramareen who has been a huge success, even competes with Youssou Ndour, King Mbalakh. After inviting the Ndeye Dof rapper, wearing transparent underwear, Thione Ballago Seck's son had taken pictures grouped by some of the Senegalians and yet the Balla Gaye 2, Modou Lo, Eumeu Sene and others are displayed in naked torsos in the field in front of thousands of viewers, this does not seem like a shock society.

Since the magnificent rise of Waly Seck, her defaults still stick to her style of wear, so much barrier as the wrestlers seem to be naked as if the company approve their " clothes "in the field and not the Faramareen in a concert, which looks like an insult that does not say its name.

And if we put men's dress from the religion that triggers the man to hide his navel under the knees, will the routers return to the arena exactly with the Ngemb Which discloses their biceps, biceps and muscles that can sensory offending of some women?

So why did Waly Seck go on the stage with a dress in a concert, everyone had criticized his deed and the Nitdoff rapper in the whole thing, the one that was perfect for the American Fifty rapper One hundred in a shirt like a gangster, which is a special case, is not fine at the end. You have to read some comments on social networks to realize that Waly Seck is suffering from a success that worries a lot of people.

Between a singer who wore underwear in a concert and a wrestler who wore almost no clothes in the arena, which really is a shock?

The same thing, Waly Seck had to carry a big bag for a girl but for this story of underwear, there's nothing to whip cats …

Ultimately, the son of Thione Ballago Seck will have all kinds of assaults during his successful career in the world, yes, it is inevitably a Sio-biz in Senegal but as we say in Wolof "Siw dou diami Borom". …

Serigne Babacar Dieng

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