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EITI publishes a report on the 2017 financial year on Monday

XALIMANEWS: The national committee of Extractive Industries of Se? No? Gal (CN-EITI Se? Ne? Gal) announces his report on the 2017 financial year on Monday, November 19, 2018, King Fahd Palace, under the Mahammed Homes Boun Abdallah Dionne, Prime Minister of Se.

Through this meeting, CN-ETIE intends to offer a? all Senegal stakeholders, a framework for constructive dialogue on the main issues and governance of the excavation, oil and gas sector in Senegal. It will also share the main results of the EITI 2017 Report, to draw the appropriate lessons for improving the governance of the excavation, oil and gas sector in the Se? No? gal.

Also, the Committee? National EITI will go on? signature of two partnership agreements with the Ministry of Justice and the one responsible for Good Governance and Child Protection. These two conventions are concerned, respectively, to create a public register of real owners of extraction companies and establish mechanisms that can facilitate the capitalization and implementation of the project. The scale of good practice in promoting good governance in the extraction sector.

The report is a comprehensive referral document on the state of government and the extraction sector in Senegal, through a systematic process and thorough regulatory and regulatory diagnosis. current governance practices. Will it give? public provision of accurate information, and a? per day, the main aspects of governance and the extraction sector in particular, the procedures for issuing licenses and licenses, quantities and volume of production, the regulatory, institutional and fiscal framework of the extraction sector, revenue generated by mining activities, etc.

Participation and certification rate of 100%

The Committee? EITI National Interest? in the framework of the EITI 2017 Report, 18 companies in a production or inspection registered in the mining stent in 2015, 8 companies in a production or inspection listed in the petroleum register in 2017, 9 public entities and 1 state Enterprise declaration of revenue won by extraction companies.

All the companies selected in the EITI statements have transferred the necessary data to: develop this report. Have all of these statements heard? has been certified by an external auditor. The public entities also provided their completed completed forms. has been certified by the Court of Auditors.

As a reminder, yes? No? Gal has de ja? publish? Two reports covering the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The Committee? National EITI welcomes a significant shift of State services and extraction companies that have themselves committed without contingency, and? support the efforts of transparency in the management of mineral resources, petroleum and natural gas.

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