Monday , August 2 2021

European News Tax on Links, Google News can close in Europe

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This is a real earthquake that's ready to reach the internet in Europe in the coming weeks. Indeed, the US giant may decide to stop "Google News" its service on the Old Continent because of Article 11 that would rate and click on hyperlink links.

Google does not intend to comply with Brussels's requirements for this new tax that could be very expensive for the company. In an interview with GuardianGoogle News Vice President Richard Gingras said that closing Google News in Europe could be a possibility if there was no agreement. The United Kingdom will also be affected if Brexit comes into force after adopting the law.

Nothing has yet to be recorded again

However, Gingras made it clear that " Closing this service is not for pleasure In confirming " It is impossible to make a decision before seeing the final statement (from Europe) "According to Google, the service closure would also stop new news sites from finding an audience. This is not the first time the search browser is in this situation.

In 2014, the Spanish government also wanted to tax the links and Google had decided to close Google News in the country. The sanctions were more prominent for Spain, which saw the traffic of its reserved sites for information declining significantly. Gingras also said, " We do not want to see this happening in Europe. For now, we want to work with different partners ".

Decision that could make three losers

This would be a real blow for the media, which benefits from additional visibility with "Google News". We can imagine that Google will use this argument to give the big news sites in the pocket.

Of course, the American brand has a lot of losing as Europe has less than 500 million citizens, which is a very important market.

Source: The Guardian

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