Friday , June 18 2021

how a simmers patent destroys continental destruction – – TELES RELAY

Having set up already in Côte of Iraq and Nigeria, the heavyweight of Senegal has formed a league with Wilmar to accelerate its development.

This time, this is the right one. After he failed once and for all to take control of the old Suneor, who became Sonacos again in 2016, and the Senegal Grands Moulins of Dakar (GMD), Patisen, leader of the Senegal agri-food industry, has just won a nice competition formed a joint venture with the world leader in palm oil Singaporean Wilmar. Ultimately, both partners will have to install a peanut and flour mill refinery in the Bargny-Sendou port in the future. The construction of complexity is expected by the end of the year, according to the secretions made Young Africa by Youssef Omaïs, founder of Patisen.

Another brand distribution partnership also connects both players. Recently, the Senegal company produces, under the brand Wilmar, bouillon cubes only for the Nigeria market. In return, Patisen is buying her fats for producing broths and oils for mayonnaise, chocolate and margarine. "In recent days, we have been producing for them, and the production capacity of our plant is at risk of saturation because it is a very big order. It's a great partnership," rejoices the Youssef Omaïs very pleasing.

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