Tuesday , January 19 2021

Nabilla: Coming soon to reality TV on Prime Video? She takes the floor

Nabilla on TV again on Prime Video? She finally answers!

We just learned: Julien Tanti certainly could not be absent from the filming of “Marseille” in Dubai … The star of the program is still not in the adventure that began a week ago. But this is not the only show that everyone has on their lips … Indeed, it has been rumored for several days that Nabilla was preparing her return to television with the help of a program on Prime Video! This was reported by blogger Aqababe:
“Banijay has signed a new show with Amazon from Nabilla.” According to him, filming will begin in Dubai on January 18, and then may pass by Italy and Switzerland, Nabilla’s country of origin.

The program will focus on the family life of influential people, her daily life in Dubai, as well as on various professional projects. In short, enough to please fans of the young woman! Except that a few hours ago, Nabilla denied the information through her official Twitter account : “Stop the myths, there is no reality television! I will never and will never make reality television again! Even for a billion. Thank you!” It is clear. During this time, Camille Frontment confided that she has no right to take part in “Moms” and “Marseilles” and even in the filming of “Holy Angels 4”!

Credit: Aqababe / Instagram Nabilla

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