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Privateaser acquires BizMeeting to strengthen its position on the BtoB market


BizMeeting has just acquired BizMeeting, one of its competitors in the field of booking event venues, to focus more on professionals.

The Parisian company offers a platform for renting premises for meetings, seminars, trainings and placement in France as well as in Europe. Launched 5 years ago, the platform was targeted at people who are in their infancy. The company subsequently diversified into the BtoB business market.The launch, which raised 1 million euros in 2016, now claims to be over 30,000 addresses in its database and continues to expand in the professional market by purchasing one of its competitors – BizMeeting.

BizMeeting Privateaser

Privateaser offers its competitors BizMeeting

This is a big hit that has just reached Privateaser by offering BizMeeting. With this acquisition, the company was based in the 9th centuryth Paris County hopes to reach a turnover of 50 million euros this year. According to Nicholas Furlani, General Manager and co-founder of the startup: " Our ambitions and our vision remain unchanged: we want to become a European actor with a link to an event up to 5 years old, Cooperation with BizMeeting teams and the use of their technologies and knowledge in B2B market are very positive means of our strategy and positioning. »

Therefore, Privateaser intends to become the inevitable leader for companies renting premises, rooms for rest or premises for their activities.Due to the technologies and knowledge of BizMeeting in this professional sector, the company has to grow significantly and offer a wider panel.

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