Friday , July 30 2021

Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour: "I can not give any voting instructions for any candidate …"

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In front of members and opposition parties, the general Khalif of the Tidianes has indicated that he can not give directions to vote for any candidate. During the preparations for Gamou the religious city who heard his job.


General Caliph of the Tidianes received this Saturday in Tivaouane, the strong delegation of the Pds sent by Me Wade. Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour usually welcomed Omar Sarr and his companion very well. Before the last one that led to the delegation, he reiterated his ex-vice president of the Republic of Senegal in explaining his position on politics. Instead of his communicators, the Khalif said he respected me Wade, and was praying for him because "Mag mat na na dei deukk". "Wade is a great Muslim and a great patriotic who has done a lot for the country." He explained his situation following his departure at the hearing given to Madické Niang, the Khalif again said that politics is not.
"Maky is my friend and long before he is president and I am Caliph. But I do not make politics, I do not vote and I have never voted in my life," he said, "I have Talibes in each party and so I can not give any candidate voting instructions, "he continues, saying he will continue to pray to everyone who seeks to see me again. pray for keeping peace in Senegal.


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