Tuesday , April 20 2021

Andreana Cekic was divorced after two years of marriage! – ShowBiz – Region – News

They kept their wedding only two years only, while they were facing barriers that could not be overcome now.

– – How can the public explain that we divorced, but we are not friends and colleagues above all? says Ivan. We can always say that we have realized that we can make the best wedding and be divorced and comfortable now. "Yes, we're turning to the" joke. "The artists never got the usual ways, and that is the happiness of Ivan and I am, above all, long-standing professional co-operation, and we will not interfere with divorce, because we are not We are aware that we are an "excellent team" and that we have built for the years we have achieved today. When we look around, we are proud and happy, and most importantly, we & All together and we're staying friends, and that's the best kind of love – wrote Andrea.

According to the message the singer has published, it is clear that both of them have after the divorce remained in good relations.

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