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Bicarbonate of sodium and lemon juice: a powerful combination that cures many diseases Telegraph


The benefits of this drink are numerous

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Scientific research has shown that a few drops of lemon juice mixed with soda can save you life. This combination can slow down the development of severe diseases, and some studies suggest that it destroys cancer cells.

Sodium bicarbonate is used to care for the body both externally and internally. And if you add vitamin C to lemon juice, you will get a powerful combination that protects the whole body.

These are the benefits of soda and lemon juice:

1. Alkalizes the body

The combination of lemon and baking soda acidifies the whole body. This helps us, for example, in the fight against acidosis, which can occur when the kidneys do not extract enough of the acid from the body, or when the body produces too much acid. It is also an excellent kidney remedy, facilitates their work, helps the body to clean and burn fat.

2. Metabolism

You have already heard that lemon accelerates digestion, but if you add a little bit of baking soda, we will get a wonderful mixture that successfully fights with strokes, but also helps fight gastroesophageal reflux.

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3. Sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice are purified from the body

This mixture cleanses our liver, and the dose of vitamin C strengthens the body and helps to fight the viruses. Because of all this do not forget to drink lemonade every morning in which you have a small spoon of soda.

This way, you will regulate bad cholesterol and improve the functioning of the cariovascular system.

How to use it?

Ingredients: Half of lemon juice, 1 tbsp. Bicarbonate soda, 1 cup water (200ml).

Application: Sprinkle with lemon and add soda and add all to water. Drink this lemonade forever every morning for 7 days. Take a break for 14 days, then repeat the treatment.


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