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I never said that I would kill Serbs


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Goran Ivaneshevich was not a favorite among the Serbs during a war that had danced in the region for nine years. Because he asserted during the shooting during the war that he wanted to be targeting the Serbs and shooting them, Ivanes'evich was declared non-native in our country. And, perhaps, he will slowly fall into oblivion that popular Zec the day before Wimbledon did not become one of the coaches in Novak Djokovic's team.


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Novak Djokovic and Goran IvaneshevichPhoto: epa peter claunzer / Promo
Novak Djokovic and Goran Ivaneshevich

In an interview with a journalist from the Politics magazine and Sports Journal in London, Ivaneshevich explained what happened in 1992.

"I first came to Adelaide in 1992, and I was kept by special police officers. I could not go in the evening and they did not follow me." In the first round, my rival was the Swede Kult, who plays better than me and then in one part The match between ten and ten boys comes to the stands, the Serbs, of course, and they start to curse me in the worst way. They threatened to kill me, cursed, hurt my mother to the most vulgar curses, I turn them back, there is a break in the match to remove them from the stands and then the tragicomic situation. Instead of being those who are n E can guess the terrain, the cults can not be folded. After the match, he asked me what happened, "Ivaneshevich said in politics.

And then he continued:

"During this week, since I could not get anywhere, these experts called me in the shooting range, where they are engaged and shoot. They gave me a semi-automatic rifle to shoot at targets. They rushed in, of course, I did not hit anything." Then the journalists found out that I was there and they asked how it was. I told them that it was great, but it would have been better if they were swords, not the target. The journalist translated it as he translated it. Incorrect. I spoke it. , but my statement only concerned those fans because they were really angry with me, having offended me and cursing my mother in the worst case, but I have never said anything like that, I did not have such statements, nor did I oppose athletes and other people. "

Mar Van Yaida and Goran IvaneshevichPhoto: around kirsty wigglesworth / Promo
Mar Van Yaida and Goran Ivaneshevich

Ivaneshevich did not stop here:

"It was a war, I was for my country, maybe I was also the most embroiled athlete with the deceased Drasen Petrovich. I have used any opportunity to promote Croatia. So I helped my country. Everyone did what he could, so I do not see any contradictory part. It turned out that I really took a machine gun and killed 500 people, which is not true. "

Ivanetsevich said that this is a phenomenal thing that Serbian and Croatian athletes are now supporting.

– This is the most normal. Many of our and your athletes play in the same clubs in football, handball, water polo, basketball. It's a great deal when the best tennis player in the world supports, and this is felt and thanked by our national team. I was always glad for Novak, not just for him. I supported your athletes, for example, Zimondjic when he came to the Tour, and I was on hand and helped them. I'm cheering, but I do not have to watch every game. I can not cheer. It's completely crazy for me. Of course, when we play against each other, we will not carry each other in cloves, but then there should be respect. Novak is an extraordinary honor to call me. Imagine that Real Madrid calls me and I will not. Sports is a great powerful thing that combines everything. The challenge of Novak is a great recognition for me as a trainer and personality, "Goran Ivaneshevich concluded.


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