Friday , June 18 2021

Kings have had hearts, but not focus, Jackson has stopped a winner (VIDEO)

Kings have had hearts, but not focus, Jackson has stopped a winner (VIDEO)

Fedex Forum did not see a new Sacramento miracle, after being suspended under the Memphis effect – 112: 104.

The King, they must admit, they have hearts, but they did not have enough focus to win victory. They remained silent in seconds when they needed safe action, and they did not even know how to control the ball. That is why it should not be surprising that King even lost a ball and left without a new recipe in the ditch.

The truth, not Grizzlies, did not allow Sacramento to play. At least to the extent that they can endanger their land and possibly win. Memphis centers did a great job, and above all Mark Gasol i Jaren Jackson Junyor. Together he combined 46 points and 21 re-reasons, and much more than the statistics in the eye, the light it is Jackson i Gasol wear with an opponent's internal line. Ultimately, as much as the Memphis tandem was better, he also said that the Sacramento did not have four points in the rack but 30 points and 18 balls were captured with each other.

Jackson scored a career record with 27 points (11/16 of the game), while Gasol arrived at the sixth Dablel since the beginning of the season with 19 points and 15 conflicts, with Spanish champion Zaka Rendolfa touching the best jumper list in the club's history (5.612). Mike Conley wrote 19, a Geret Templ 14 points. With Kings Dearon Fox he had 23 points and 10 help, Badi Hild Added 16, a Shampert Iman 12 points. Bogdan Bogdanović He played 23 minutes as a back-up player and had 12 points (5/10 of the game) and two rebellions and support, with one shot ball. Nemanja Bjelica He spent 28 minutes on the court and scored only eight points (2/7 of the game, 2/5 for three), with six re-reasons and three final tickets, plus a stolen ball .

During the opening records of the last quarter, Memphis had 14 points more than 97:83, but Sacramento got up and it came only three points at a time (107: 104), announcing a possible dramatic finish. Anyway, Gasol he managed to draw a very important dirty and also guessed the penalty line, which was exactly exactly 100 seconds before the end was checked almost the victory. Everything was practically resolved after the next two hosts. It's first Fox was wrong from the distance, and then the Champion had failed to take advantage of quite a good situation with committees. Gasol certified by the victory for 35 seconds to the last sound siren of the penalty.


Boston – Toronto 123: 116, t
/ Irving 43 – Lenard 31 /

Indiana – Miami 99:91
/ Evans 23 – Richardson 28 /

Philadelphia – Utah 113: 107
/ Butler 28 – Mitchell 31 /

Washington – Brooklyn 104: 115
/ Howard 25 – Danvid 25 /

Memphis – Sacramento 112: 104
/ Джексон Юниор 27 – Фокс 23 /

Minnesota – Portland 112: 96
/ Watches 23 – Mecolum 18 /

New Orleans – New York 129: 124
/ I missed 43 – Hardavej 30 /

Milwaukee – Chicago 123: 104
/ Bledso 25 – Parker 21 /



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