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Stories about the healing properties of the brand are transmitted from knee to knee, but with the percentage of alcohol content, it should be careful about its use. In a short time, cognac can help us with some health problems. This is, of course, a better option than medicine, because it is a natural remedy. If one of the above bears touches you, a glass of cognac can help.


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Abdominal pain

If you get fat food and now you feel abdominal pain, a small bowl of plum, vein or herbs will immediately calm her.


Hold the rod for brine for ten seconds on the painful tooth, shake and then spit out. Repeat this procedure several times at a break so that the cognac does not irritate the painful place excessively.

Inflammation of the throat

If inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection, raspberry with a few drops of propolis successfully disinfects the throat, and can also help herbal tea with a couple of spoons of cognac.

Back pain

Bring the brand to your painful and hard back, and then repeat the procedure in a few hours. The team is beautiful for this purpose, but you can also use others if you do not have a commander.

Rigid neck

The procedure is the same as with back pain.

Remutative pain

In cases of arthritis, rash massage relieves pain in the joints.


Brandy cools the skin and works well with the island, and everything you need to do is mask it in the skin or put on the brand. To prevent excessive irritation of the skin, remove the skin for a few seconds, and then replace it again and again.

Bad blood circulation

Racia improves blood circulation, so it is not surprising that our grandparents go to the nap in the morning.

Urological problems

Parsley pancakes – a good ally in the fight against bacterial infections of the urinary tract.

Nausea during driving

It is not recommended to use minors, as well as those who control the vehicle.

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