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OPEN LIFE OWNERSHIP OPEN JUDGE: Really great in three sizes for all your needs. Entertainment


Opel exactly 20 years ago introduced the first-generation Zafira, one of the pearls of the MVP category of cars, and the success of this model suggests that so far it has sold 2.7 million copies. After falling sales of this type of vehicle over the past ninety years, from 59 percent, Opel has decided that the fourth generation of Zafira will be a representative of the increasingly popular V-D segment (luxury vans).

photo: M.D.

The new "Opel Zafira life" was presented to reporters from Serbia and Montenegro on a test run in the vicinity of Frankfurt in Germany, thanks to Opel Serbia. Representatives of the media, including the reporter of Courrier, had the opportunity to get acquainted with the fourth generation of these attractive, flexible and practical wagons.

Quirera's Reporter at the ADAC Test Center
Quirera's Reporter at the ADAC Test Centerphoto: M.D.

At the ADAC Test Center in Bowesheim near Frankfurt, a serious media presentation was organized where journalists in a well-organized space could first try the new Zafira on a genuine and exciting road where this model was very manageable and capable of going through all the obstacles that, after a press conference, the drive will continue on the highway and local areas.

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The Opel Zafira Life has proved to be comfortable, very flexible and enjoyable in driving, and it can be said that Zafira Life meets all the requirements – from versatile interiors, high comfort and complex driver assistance systems to up-to-date infotainment systems, the main display and adaptive cruise control which works with a camera and a radar. The advanced technology combines with the typical Opel design, balanced proportions and short protrusions and the typical appearance of Opel.

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Two diesel engines with 1.5 and 2.0 liters of working power in versions from 102 to 120 hp, or from 107 to 177 hp, are available until the appearance of the electric version.

The offer is a six-speed manual and an automatic transmission with an eight-gear unit.

The driver and passengers can also enjoy a panoramic roof of two sections and a window that opens onto the trunk door.

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For the best adhesion on slippery surfaces, Zafira Life is equipped with an advanced IntelliGrip traction control system. There is also a version of 4×4 Off-road Off-roaders in Dangel.

As for the price, in Germany it costs € 34,600 (including VAT) for the Selection option for people with comfortable driver and passenger seats, as well as safety systems and assistance systems. Price per
Our market will definitely become famous when the sale of "Opel Zafire Life" will begin shortly.

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One model, three sizes: Zafira Life for any purpose

This MPV is a German manufacturer offering three lengths that meet customer needs: "4.40 m (S)", "Medium (M)" 4.95 m and "Large (L)" "from 5.30 meters – each of them has up to nine places.

S version of the Zafira Life is about ten centimeters shorter than the current Zafira, while the L version is about 65 centimeters longer and is thus nearly as large as the Vivaro Combi.

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The "Small" version of the Zafira Life model competes with a compact van, but offers significantly more space and space for up to nine passengers – unmatched in this class. It also has a small turning circle (11.3 m), good control and two sliding doors with sensors that open electronically through the foot movement, like the rear door of the Astra Sports Tourer and the Insignia Sports Tourer, which is also a unique feature in this segment. the market. ,

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Zafira Life (like the Zafira Life, L) has a 35 cm longer, 3.28 m long wheelbase and more space for passengers in the back seat, making this model an average competitor for D. Compared to rivals, Opel also offers more openings in trunk and easier access to loading and unloading, as well as higher load carrying capacity by more than one ton.

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The big Zafira Life, with a carrying capacity of 4900 liters, even competes for even more vanes.

In this segment of the market, there is a huge demand for attractive, high-end shutters. Opel also offers leather seats on aluminum rails that make it easy to customize all versions of Zafire's life. Possible configurations with six, seven, or eight leather seats. When assembling a passenger seat, you can carry things up to 3.50 meters long.

The third-row override increases Zafira Life S's body up to 1,500 liters (to the roofline line). Removing the rear seats (which is as easy to turn) increases the space to 3600 liters.

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Luxurious "Lounge" equipment package is available for longer versions of the wheelbase – front, massage and heated seats, four leather rear seat seats, each with a width of 48 cm. VIP passengers can sit opposite one and enjoy a larger foot space. Extraction also provides additional space for small objects with its addition. Travelers can charge their mobile devices via 230 V battery.

Most versions of Zafira Life are smaller than 1.90 meters and they can access standard underground garages – which is important when using a car as a shuttle to the hotel.

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Controlled: Main display, front collision warning and rear view camera

The new Opel MPV offers numerous driver assistance systems. The camera and radar control the space in front of the car. The system also recognizes pedestrians crossing the street and can launch a braking maneuver in case of danger at speeds up to 30 km / h. Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control controls the speed of the car in front, automatically brakes and can reduce the speed to 20 km / h if necessary. Servicing vehicles inside the tape and warning about drowsiness warn the driver if he spends too much time at the wheel and needs a break. Helping high beam, which automatically switches to short or high beam, is active at speeds exceeding 25 km / h. Another novelty in this segment of the market is the main color display, which shows the speed, distance from the vehicles in front and navigation.

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In 2019, Zafira Life will also offer the Opel Connect telecommunications system. Useful features, such as real-time traffic information, direct contact with roadside assistance and emergency services, offer drivers and travelers extra peace of mind. You can get help in a few seconds by pressing the red button. If tensioning devices or airbags are activated, the assistance will be called automatically.

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Good visibility is especially important for large vehicles, for example, in narrow streets or when moving to cities. Radar sensors on the front and rear bumper warn the driver of all obstacles during parking. The image from the rear view camera is projected onto an interior rear view mirror or 7-inch diagonal of the screen, where 180 degree transparency is visible from the bird's eye view.

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The large 7 inch touchscreen comes with multimedia and multimedia infotainment systems Navi. Both systems allow you to connect to your phone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Multimedia Navi also offers European navigation with 3D viewing. Places of interest to big cities are displayed in Full HD format. As an option, geography on the way to long journeys looks very realistic. The Opel Connect navigation system includes real-time traffic information that shows the current state of the roads. Powerful sound is available in all equipment packs. In the most versatile version, the passengers enjoy first-class acoustics through 10 speakers.

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A breathtaking concept

As exciting even the "cover" can be shown in a special concept car: "O-Team Zafira Life." This car was inspired by the van carried by the staff in the cult American TV show of the 1980s.

Big wheels, the front panel of a bull and a large non-yellow yellow tape otherwise the white and dark blue background colors make this concept very attractive. With a loud sound V8, the unique look is ready to go. Inter was transformed into a concert hall with additional amplifiers and high-performance 800W speakers.

photo: M.D.

Of course, journalists (this time) could not manage this car, but everyone enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy the incredible sound of the engine and, of course, draw along with a unique model.



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