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Roma sold Manola for 36 million


Officially: Romans have sold Manola for 36 million

Roma officially sold defender Napoli tonight Costas Manolas for 36 000 000 euros, in accordance with the provision on the purchase, confirmed by the Roman club.

The Greeks signed the documents during the evening and arrive in Naples for medical examinations next week, but most importantly, personal data is agreed upon after a few days of the dispute. Roma found that he sold the player for 36 million euros, and it is assumed that the 28-year-old striker will receive 4 500 000 euros with all the bonuses. The contract lasts for four years.

Manola will also receive 2 million signatures on his hands, and in the opposite direction to Rome will move the roots Amado Diyarbara who is currently in the African Cup with the selection of Guinea, and will sign a contract with Wouchich only in mid-July, when the continental championship will end.

Of course, Roma had to sell Manola to midnight to register the transfer in the fiscal year 2018/19, and the Greek will replace Sao Paulo Raoul Albiola who moves to Villarreal after many years of service in southern Italy.

Photo: Reuters

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