Saturday , April 4 2020
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Samsung is preparing another Galaxy A phone


This year, Samsung has introduced at least nine new Galaxy A phones, and at least three other models are under construction. Recent announcements indicate that we expect one or two Galaxy A50 phones that were only certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Devices with numbers SM-A561F and SM-A562N, may be the same smartphone in different versions, and may be completely different products. We already know that the Galaxy A10e and the Galaxy A20e are shipped as versions specific to certain markets, and Samsung may also announce the Galaxy A50e model.

More interesting is that these model numbers have not been tagged before, which means they are not included in the closest Galaxy A90 or Galaxy A60s. Also noted is SM-A507FN, which is different from versions of the Wi-Fi Alliance list, so it is possible that we expect more phones from the Galaxy A series.

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