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The driver of the bus is not the only culprit, the engineer walked past the reminder


linen or comboPhoto by B. Janachkovich / RAS Serbia

Milan Zdravkovich (31), a Nis-Express bus driver, continued in the Nizna High Court, due to the accident that occurred at the end of December last year, when the train stopped at the railroad crossing to Donye Mezhurov. Last scourge of the terrible accident is eight wounds and 29 wounded, and among the last passengers of the "bus of death", the deceased, was Lena, sixteen, whose father was not present at the court today.

Dragan Markovich, an expert on road traffic and technology, who again showed that the bus driver was not the only culprit for a terrible accident, was again checked today because the engineer left the station, which is only 600 meters from the tragedy.


"The machine builder walked past the driveway, which warned about traffic jumble, for which he was obliged to use the siren several times. He noted that he had used the lighthouse only once when he was only seventeen meters from the bus, Markovich said, answering the questions of the defendant's defendants and representatives of the victims affected by the infrastructure of the "Railways of Serbia", explaining , which can not be obvious in this domain, since JP did not provide the requested documentation.

The trial was postponed on September 3 when the Serbian railways infrastructure is required to provide data on the length of the train stops, as well as the "triangle of transparency" project.

The lawyer asked to investigate the reasons why the Serbian railways infrastructure installed a ramp and traveled to the railway crossing three days after the crash because they considered it a violation of the location of the item to conceal the evidence, but the court refused to consider it irrelevant

Lenin's dad could not come

Despite the fact that he was summoned to court over the sixteen-year-old Helen's father, the last victim who died on May 17 could not come, and his absence was justified by his neighbor Radissavec Kochic, who lost his grandson Marianne in the same misfortune. They could not come, they recently had 40 days of age for the baby, the wounds are very fresh, and he is not yet able to go through it, Radisav said.

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