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YSTYRIED POPOVIG TO GODI LAZIC: Sasha prayed that Darko should not be her drugs! | Sêr

YSTYRIED POPOVIG TO GODI LAZIC: Sasha prayed that Darko should not be her drugs!

Photo: Damir Dervišagić / Kurir

Darko Lazic, before experiencing a serious traffic accident, had serious criticism by Sasa Popovic for the drug.
As he learned the Courier, Popovic was a few years ago, while Lazic's contract with "Grand" was still effective, he held a four-star conversation with a singer, trying to get out of the countryside.

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– Darko was one of the most paid and requested singers in production. Since winning the 2009 Grand Prix 2009, he managed to succeed. From "Great" he had an apartment and a song for a gift, and the seven-year contract worked for congratulations. However, while Darko had earned him a lot of money and for production, Sasha was very concerned when he learned that the youngest singer not only was drinks, but also drugs, says our source and adding that Popovic's information was affecting him, he decided to talk to him in dad:

photo: Profimedia, Damir Dervišagić

– Sasha worked very determined. He told his dad-in-law that he was an adult and capable, he was already a father and a father, and that he should be more responsible for himself and his fellow members. Darko listened to his head explaining that he was great that his career was going out of the road, but that not only would the question be, how long it would be for, but what It would happen to health. Although he had promised him that he would listen to, Sasha did not seem convincing exactly. He told his colleagues several times that Darko would hide if he continues … Unfortunately, he was fine.

photo: Aleksandar Jovanovic Chile

Two years ago, Lazic had stopped the contract so he had no longer obligation to "Grand", but he was still part of the production, and Popović and & # 39 ; for all employees constantly ask for their health. As the young singer says, he has been struggling with the crisis in recent days, and a psychiatrist regularly comes to help him. He also tried to go to the hospital with the dealer, but the security was stopped.

Marija Dejanović / photo: Damir Dervišagić


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