Friday , April 16 2021

A man was fined $ 12,600 for illegally importing food items, Courts and Crime News and Top Stories

SINGAPORE – A 35-year-old man has been fined for the possession and obstruction of illegal import items.

The man in question, Ong Yu Fong, was fined $ 12,000 for illegally imported duck blood and dried beef straps. He was fined $ 600 to prevent illegal importation of willow ducks from China. It is intended that these items will be sold.

A statement by the Singapore Agricultural and Veterinary Food Authority (AVA) said on Thursday (November 14) that an officer, acting a long way ago, had been a potential buyer on Ong's WeChat account.

Ong was arrested on November 2, 2017, when he presented the items ordered by the AVA officer. Ong was found with 60kg of ducks, 0.5kg of dried beef and 36 pieces of ducks that were illegally imported from China.

AVA found that Ong had been asking for food smugglers and meat products from China since 2016 that he then sold through WeChat. In return, Ong would offer a passenger transport fee as a payment for their extra baggage allowance.

Any person who illegally imports meat products from unauthorized sources is exposed to a fine of $ 50,000, two years in prison, or both. For subsequent convictions, there is a fine of $ 100,000 in length, up to three years' imprisonment, or both.

Animal blood products, such as duck's blood, are banned in Singapore as blood can help bacteria grow easily and can carry diseases. Harvesting inhuman blood can also lead to the introduction of food-borne pathogens to blood food products.

Only from accredited sources in approved countries that comply with AVA food safety standards and requirements that can be imported from meat, eggs and their products.

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