Monday , July 26 2021

Hailey Baldwin apologized after she followed the count of Selena Gomez's fan

When most of us give you something new, there are not many opportunities to know that we will run in before IRL. But to Hailey Baldwin, the reminder that Selena Gomez is dating her husband, Justin Bieber, for years is quite inevitable. Baldwin ~ can not be accidentally avoided ~ followed by the count of Selena Gomez's fan this week and immediately apologized to the fan for his error.

The slip-up occurred on Thursday when the 21-year-old model called the following button on Instagram, @houseofsel, the Selena Gomez fan account with more than 30,000 followers. Baldwin had not been able to make the count straight away, but he did not take a long time for fans of Baldwin's talk to follow him and accused of stating Gomez and his supporters on Instagram. "Omfg hailey followed me and lmaoooo whaaaat?" @houseofsel wrote.

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So, to close down the conversation and rescue, Baldwin directed direct @houseofsel and explained that she was only an accident. @houseofsel screened the DM to post on her Instagram, telling her followers to give up the charge of the "Selena stalking model" model.

The banker account has removed this screenshot from then on.
@ houseofsel / Instagram

"Sooo hailey said to me. He should give her the best for stalking and she's like this. It's nice and sweet," wrote @houseofsel .

Now, it is not clear whether Baldwin ~ really was stalking Gomez fans' accounts or if the most unfortunate account might be the only accidental sequence. In one way or another, we can not blame it. Who has not stopped the former person they are dating (or in the case of Baldwin – married)?

Baldwin-Bieber-Gomez's love triangle lives on it.

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