Tuesday , June 15 2021

Named as one of the reasons for eating less salt

Названа одна из причин меньше употреблять сольExcessive salt damages the brain and without an overweight

A salt-filled diet even damages the brain when there is no high blood pressure. During research on the legs, researchers showed that a diet high in salt reduces blood flow to the brain and the integrity of the local blood vessels. It also degrades animal performances in cognitive tests.

As a surprise, the authors of the "Neuroscience" announcement stated that the effects of high blood pressure, and signal signal signals by the immune system.

The results show that even before the development of high blood pressure and the damage to small blood fish in the brain, only in saline intestines send signs that prepare the land for various damaging changes.

Scientists pointed out that people with excessive saline in the small intestine reacted immune, which led to the expansion of Th17 lymphocytes and higher levels of interleukin cyclosis 17 (IL-17). High concentrations of IL-17 caused cascading incidents that result in damage to the internal layer (endothelium) of brain blood vessels. As a result, the two regions' blood supply, which is important for learning and memory, significantly reduces cortex and the hippocampus. The results obtained in the tests have also declined. Oh compared to mice in the control group of smokers who eat a lot of salt. They acted worse in the water maze, also less responsive to stimulation or new objects in the cage. These phenomena occur even in the absence of excessive weight.

However, I realized the team, when I had set the diet with high salt content or used medicines that blocked signals of the bowel, the animal's cognitive activation returned normally.

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