Monday , August 2 2021

Scientists have found the main factors of longevity

Ученые установили главные факторы долголетияThe factors that extend life

American experts have studied the factors that can extend the life of an individual, and find that he does not need to take the pill and use special medical services.

Scientists from Harvard University (USA) conducted a series of studies to explain the factors that affect each person's life expectancy. The study was able to decide for a long life, we all have to think positively, first and foremost, reducing stress levels and extending the life of seven years.

Another important factor is social activity. The attraction of a person to a large number of assignments and tasks Public affairs gives him the opportunity to extend youth. In addition, the activity reduces the risk of premature death of 11%. The third most important factor is the presence of children in life, and can have children themselves. Scientists have proven, when dealing with younger generation, we have positive emotions.

Another element is physical activity – an elementary journey helps us extend a four-year life. However, you need to pass weekly for 150 minutes, less time will not give the expected effect.

The sudden death risk reduces due to active sexual life. The ultimate factor that plays an important role in the long run – coffee. In the study carried out on the Ikaria Greek island, where the main helicopters were on the planet, 87% of them were found to eat Greek coffee after regular boiling.

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