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Sea tremors lead to the formation of a new island

Date added: 16 03 2008 · details of site »An unusual island can appear soon in the Indian sea.

According to ENS scientists (Ecole Normale Supérieure), soon turning the core of our planet will increase to new island territories in the Indian sea. Recent recorded earthquakes were 50 kilometers from Mayotte.

Only one that has been thousands of earthquakes in the region. Until Nov's underground activity was over. All event specialists associated with ground core rotation. In the last 3 months, the lead peak has moved down to 50 km, the formation of new Islands is not far away.

Something similar that was written in Edgar Casey's writings in 1963. If you are considering the theory of the antipodies, when the points on the opposite side of the world are connected, it may be Hawaii also an island, such as Mae Mayotte is associated with this island.

Date added: 16 03 2008 · details of site »

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