Monday , July 26 2021

3.5 mm Jack, Snapdragon 670 and high pen camera

Google Pixel 3 Lite code code ARCore appeared "Sarj". We have detailed information and valid photos of this smartphone for you. Google but has not yet submitted an official, so it's information from people who already have it Pixel 3 Lite available.

Pixel from middle class

His chipset already indicates where the class will be Pixel 3 Lite fall. Also "Lite" in the smartphone name clearly indicates that it is a lightweight but diminished weight model variation Google Pixel 3. In this regard "Lite" However, the model is an eight core processor Snapdragon 670, graphic chips Adreno 615. 4 GB or RAM is 32 GB internal storage. There will be a lot of pride in attendance 3.5 mm Jack Connector. USB-C connector or a stunning design like her brace had to better equip. It also does not lose bulk contrasts beautifully on and off.

However, it will not be good news that the smartphone is made of plastic or the fact that the phone does not support memory cards. This means that you only need to do with the internal store. The display is of type IPS with a crosslink 5.56 inches. It's a difference 2220 x 1080 pixels, which is around 444 pixels and inch, so you should not worry about the overall stability of the exhibition. program AIDA64 although it shows the Snapdragon 710 processor, but it's not really there, and it's really there Snapdragon 670.

Photos not compared in middle class?

The battery is powered by a power battery 2915 mAh. Android Pur directly from Google or a more economical processor could guarantee very good endurance at one pay. Be happy to charge very quickly thanks to the innovative technology Fast 4+ Pay. The main camera has a decision 12 AS, but in no lighting conditions, it will also help with a two-tone LED flash. The front is a "selfie" camera with a decision 8 AS. And now it's on – this information is surprisingly desirable at the editorial office. Google Pixel 3 Lite he has the same camera with a classic one Google Pixel 3. One of the best makers is also available at a cheaper price Pixel smartphone, and this fact will change smartphone buyer thinking for many people who like mobile photos.

Sell ​​and price

Google Pixel 3 Lite It would cost 400 to 500 dollars in the United States. The difference is impressive in comparison to Pixelom 3, but tax is lower performance, plastic construction and smaller internal storage. However, the cameras are spoiled by the cameras, or the fact that this smartphone will be one of the first to update the version latest Android operating system. The sale should start in the first quarter of next year.

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