Saturday , October 16 2021

Big news in CS: GO. Valve has launched the operation Riptide – e-sports

In addition to the new skins, Operation Riptide brings several changes, such as shorter competitive matches and the ability to share grenades.

Officially the valve presented a new operation for CS: GO called Riptide. It also brings with it a new transaction pass, thanks to which you will be able to receive exclusive rewards.

On Steam, the price of this pass is 12.75 euros. The operation will be available until February 20, 2022.

Changes in modes and gameplay

The developers have finally added one of the most popular modes, namely private matches. A group of friends will finally be able to create their own match on Valve’s servers, while this new feature is also available for groups on Steam.

Also added are new Deathmatch modes for free for everyone and Team Deatchmatch, which have gained popularity on public third-party servers. In competitive matches, you can choose a shorter match, which is not the standard BO15, but BO8. Therefore, it will be enough to win nine rounds to win, not 16.

Probably the biggest change is the ability to exchange grenades, which now works similarly to what we know about weapons. Two maps were also changed. On Dust2, visibility from launch T to the center of the map has been blocked, and on Anciente you can shoot through several wooden objects.

Some weapons have also not escaped change. The M4A1-S is already slightly damaged. Conversely, the Desert Eagle does little damage, and double berets have become cheaper by $ 300.

Missions and awards in Operation pass

There will be several missions each week to earn stars. You will then use them for specific rewards. You will be able, like the previous operation “Broken Fang”, to choose from several interesting options.

Missions from the first week will be available later, so don’t worry that they won’t be able to complete them retrospectively. If you have a Prime account, you can get to all the missions without paying, but you will receive stars only after you purchase a Riptide Operation pass.

There will be a total of 100 stars available in the missions, but if you do not like it, you can buy them. Operation Riptide is the eleventh in the history of CS: GO, and we have been waiting for it since May 3, when Operation Broken Fang ended.

Complete information about the operation and news in the game you can read on the official CS: GO website.

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