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Diagnosis that is frozen from it: Pancreatic cancer opens more and more Slovakia

As an oncologist's point, early diagnosis saves lives. On Thursday, November 15, we remember Pancreatic Cancer Day.

Illustrated picture of the article that is frozen Diagnosis: Pancreatic cancer increases more and more Slovakia

Pancreatic cancer has very bad prognosis and epidemiologists
expect that this second diagnosis will be second highest by 2030
death of oncological diseases. The biggest problem is her
unknown symptoms, mostly nausea, losing appetite,
Tiredness that leads to late diagnosis. "It may be higher
A platform that can not be improved by further surgery, "they said on Wednesday
Slovakic Oncologists

"According to statistics, Slovakia is fourth
World sites in the number of new cases diagnosed
cancer of pancreas in men and the third place in the number of deaths in men
with this diagnosis, "
says Patricia Kramarova o
Czech epidemiological and vaccine association So Slovakia is
joined the European Cancer Platform in the year 2014

The key is an early diagnosis

In Slovakia, an awareness of the dangers of spreading pancreas cancer
Patient Organization No Europacolon Cancer and Citizens Association
Slovakia. They lead Pancreatic Cancer Day (November 15)
campaign with slogan "We ask for more. For patients
life "
. The aim, above all, is to light up for illness and support
his early diagnosis.

"Early diagnosis saves lives,"

an oncologist from the National Oncology Institute (NIA) noted in Bratislava
Štefan Pörsök. It linked to pancreatic cancer risk factors
smoking, alcoholism, chronic pancreatic inflammation, and obesity. more
chronic bill reservoir diseases, gastric and previous lesions
stomach operation "The most common event of the disease
we are recording about 70 years of age, but it also happens much younger.
We also have 40-year-old patients, "
says Pörsök. genetic
fewer than ten percent of pancreatic cancer cases are associated.

Later symptoms

"At the end of last year my sister noticed that I was yellow
white eye. The next day I went to the doctor and after two hours I was
from blood and sound examinations have diagnosed the tumor on the pancreas, "

remember Katka's patient. Half a year, it was treated with chemistry and in July
An operation was carried out which, according to doctors, was on his sickness
substandard. The blushing of eyeglasses belongs to the later
symptoms & disease. "Among the later symptoms, too
dark wrin, migration pain, vein thrombosis, or
diabetes "
Pörsök added.

Onco-surgeon NOU Jozef Dolnik said there was surgical treatment
only every fifth patient can go. "Others have
metastasis, or surgery extend their life or tumor
technically we can not draw it without damaging the patient. in
We can combine surgical and chemistry treatment with early diagnosis
and patients survive the longest. Katka was a specific case,
where we went to the surgery despite the higher step, because
she was young, otherwise healthy and had little children, "
he explained. Katarina
the disease is currently being lost, so its symptoms have disappeared. About the main
the reason she can turn statistics back positively

Purple lights

On Pancreas Cancer Day Day on Thursday November 15
For the fifth time the church of Slovakia and the world will lighten the bullet
places. In Slovakia, for example, SNP Bridge and UFO in Bratislava, Trnava Town Hall,
Theater Andreja Bagara at Nitra, St Elizabeth's Cathedral in Košice, Mestsky
office and water tower in Prešov or various companies and businesses.
"For a few hours, it turns symbolically in violet color,
western terraces of Bratislava Castle, "
Patric informed
Herman, a founder and ambassador of Slovak Europacolon.

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