Friday , July 30 2021

Elon Musk will send almost 12,000 satellites to the universe to the edge of each corner of the ground

The Tesla 3 model is sold for sale. Problems related to future car makers in the future have grown temporarily. Today, when Elon has more time, he has started working on other rough projects. SpaceX, its SpaceX, intends to make smaller projects as well as Mars. One of these is, for example, which covers the world with an Internet connection.

In fact, even in the 21st century, connection to the internet is not a matter of course. Elon claims that everyone in the world should have access to the Internet. In the coming years, he would like to launch thousands of satellites in the orbit. In total, SpaceX is supposed to provide up to 12,000 satellites to the universe. The first batch of 4,425 units has been approved for a long time. The second of 7 518 satellites at present.

Internet is also in the cave

Satellites should be placed on the lower orbit of Earth in uniform distances. It can be said that they create an invisible network that spreads around the planet. At the moment, the first tests of two types of satellites are underway. Interestingly, the internet distributed through these small boxes will only be delayed by 7 millisegonds.

If Elon realizes this scheme, it conquers the whole universe. Currently, there are only 1,880 satellites of different sizes circulating around our planet. The first transmitters should fly to the universe for next year. During six years, half of the total should be given to the orbit. The second half has arranged for the next few years.

How many satellites will survive in the cruel universe? Because these huge amounts will be released significantly increase the risk of collision with other objects. They can be satellites that are already rotating, but there is a higher probability of collision with a donkey that travels around the Earth. This is a space waste in the orbit. There are a total of up to 21,000 pieces of small and large objects.

SpaceX is not the only company that wants to send satellites to space. The competition in the form of Kepler Communications or LeoSat has similar designs. However, missiles are missing for action. So they will have to pay for the satellites.


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