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FIRST REGISTER: Steroid muscles – behind the CUPRA Ateca steering wheel


At first glance, no change. Instead, the question arises – who has this plan to plan? What was the brand new at all?

All these are theoretical questions with a virtual undertaking until you sit behind a civilian car wheel, but under the hooded predator, we had the opportunity to damage and control.

The SEAT Spain brand has long been a sports profile. The models of the name Cupra have been "cutting" in sport. What can you do to make the most of the sports brand and enjoy the experience with sports cars and racing specialties? At SEAT-e, they decided on a new brand, named in CUPRA. The first "civil" model is Ateca. Car is the last ever category of the most popular SUV category. The brand has also been prepared by e_Racer, an electric racing car with a power of 500 kW (680km), but it's a pretty other league and we're not interested in trying Atecu.7 sharp.

The high performance SUV is a symbol of the start of the new phase and it also has the right vehicle to CUPRA to enter the market. It has become the rule that premium car brands influence this part of cars. However, the introduction of CUPRA Ateca has disrupted the previous practices. He has commented on people moving from the usual, conventional and regular sight to the current vision of sport, but that does not need a luxury to create a unique sense.

I realized that just before I sat behind a powerful SUV steering wheel that hid a herd of 300 horses under the hood. The 221 kW power is a good charge to prove the decision, ability and ability to drive everyone behind the steering wheel.

At first glance it's quite normal close. But right under the cover of "ordinary" is the charge of uniqueness. CUPRA Ateca has an impressive external design, elegant interior and high performance. This combination is a great investment in car capabilities. Under the CUPRA Ateca hood is one of the most technologically advanced machines on the market – a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with a direct injection of TSI 2.0 fuel, which carries out notable output of 221 kW (300 pp) and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. Combined with the dual-speed two-speed dual-speed DSG and wheel drive system, the 4Drive provides CUPRA Ateca with outstanding driving performance and sporting character.

That is at least the materials we have for us. Of course, just strengthen our taste to try what the car can really do. The surrounding area of ​​Barcelona is unique for different test trips. There are a number of fast, straightforward sections, but also a full injection that does not only handle your hands. Other parts of the body will come to your own, depending on the density that you mix with the body's fluids and the content of some organs.

The first part led through dirty slaves, and turned well. The beauty misunderstanding was that a couple of buses had slowed us down for a moment, moving slowly and slowly into the numbers and turns of the territory. But it did not take a lot of time, turned off and then the right riding came up!

When you see the Ateca CUPRA, you'll understand in the spectacular rhythm of the flamenco on the narrow road and gas that turns and tapes at a fast pace such as castanets. Why, who and why was CUPRA created in fact? I already know who it is intended for. For enthusiastic enthusiasts. For sports-based and determinant drivers, adrenalin dedicates, dynamics and a wonderful sense of power under the hood.

We have all experienced this and have had the opportunity to experience the first tens of kilometers. The definite paths are not completely narrow, not only, have checked the character of the car, but also the drivers. Many literally departments were "encouraging" and less experienced riders would rather get a faster place. Yet – the dynamics of the car are great. A car that's ready to run a pair of passengers is around 1700kg. Empty pressure is 1540 pounds.

This impressive 221 kW (300km) power range ranges from 5,300 to 6,500 rpm and a spectacular maximum torque of 400 Nm. It is available in a wide range of speeds from 2,000 to 5,200 per minute. This power potential allows the CUPRA Ateca to reach a maximum speed of 247 km / h and a zero acceleration to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds. The newly developed DSG 7 fast-paced gearbox also contributes to this excellent acceleration. Allows a faster, accurate and accurate reduction than the 6-speed hand gear box.

I felt we had tried the car properly and wearing a pier … But we did not know what was waiting for us. After a short break and briefing, we chose a relatively short road circuit without including any other traffic. The path, which covered both sides with coverings down the hill and up the hill, with a lightweight, even, almost ideal but also quite flat, stimulating & Everything we could do: accelerate, car handling, braking efficiency and mechanical collection,. CUPRA Ateca has an independent off-wheel ban on the McPherson strips and multi-link edges back as the startup model. However, the gear is supported by the DCC (Dynamic Chassis Management) with typical electronic control. The driver can change the installation as necessary in several ways: Normal, Sport, Individual, Snow, Off Road and naturally CUPRA. In the CUPRA mode, in addition to the features of machines, the sound of the system escapes and Damper Damping ADD Dysfunction is adapted for maximum driving dynamics. By modifying the individual methods, the character of the whole car will always change. We were most interested in this sport and, of course, CUPRA.

In Barcelona, ​​this period of occasional spirals was not introduced to riders by riders, but the organizers did not make any barriers. After the first round, you want to try more, then again and again … Thanks to a four-way sporting transport system, the engine's sound equals performance performance and cancels the drama of the trip.

The highlight was to start this road speed test using the Launch Management automatic CUPRA Movement for top acceleration with a solid startup. What i'm going to tell you, sit first in the passenger seat – I felt like breaking my head! The feeling of the rock pulls from the sling – that's the right thing to do with the acceleration that CUPRA Ateca can show. After changing a seat behind the left, here's the focus – the left on the brake, the right speed above 4000 a minute and start! The car literally "juice" on the rear wheels and fires on. Manufacturer's paper is not just the accelerated value reported by the manufacturer in the 5 seconds limit of nothing to a hundred, but the true value! We've never reached under 5.5-6 seconds, then he started a little up the hill and started to hurt. "Dragon, Muscle, Beast" – blushing your head and say alone – lovely! Experience that will take a few more hours. If I did not, I would not believe that.

One bigger look: Brakes. For high performance, the engineers modified the system frecked. SUV has brake sports with a diameter greater than 340 mm in front and 310 mm at the rear, increasing the efficiency of the brakes. On request, a Brembo Brake Performance Package contains 370 mm diameter disks and black stops.

Later, we return "on the base". For the hotel where we are waiting for a small rest and then going to the presentation of the model of the product. Many explain, to justify. Why, at this moment, what type of access and what it means. I understood that during the trip. I see that SEAT and the CUPRA brand expect this first model to attract new customers looking for a unique car between the mass segment and the classic premium segment. I do not look for their enthusiasm and expectation. CUPRA Ateca has the following – to engage, mix cards, attract attention and temptation makers.

This option may not last long, the increasingly stringent emission regulations recommend CO₂ values ​​incredible and incredible, as well as using and, of course, power. Well, although there is an opportunity, you have to be able to choose a superman where the heart of the inexperienced motorist is over.

Watch, CUPRA Ateca is addictive but not everyone! The combination of increased sports and steering sysis ensures the car's great treatment. Despite the four-wheel drive and perfect chassis, it's in the hands of an inexperienced driver like a grenade. That is why I do not recommend that drivers with small experience have this right on the road. But those with "mileage and powerful machines" are the two-faced car. Slowly, flexible, practical for families and individuals. For normal riding, work, fun. Well, this can be two stages. The second surface of the Ateka, with a pair of letters C has styled in the character, adrenalin and powerful emotion, which improves, while growing a strong herd. Simply, CUPRA …

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