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Here are their first words!

Pavel Hapal, coach SR: "We're happy to play, but we did not expect it to be a difference. We were pleased we wanted to shoot We're glad that the players are working, they're off" and we deserved a prize with four goals. It will be a specific game for me, we want to stay in this group, I want to win and we will do everything for it. "

Albert Rusnák, midfielder and first goal player SR / RTVS /: "We wanted to melody before the game with the Czech, where everything goes, we did a good performance on and back, all of us made the robot we want from the coach, I played in this post under Happy in the 21st, with the freedom to go to the middle and defensive to cover our side. Today, we can continue to win, but from the future we will have to prepare for matching & # 39; r Czech, because if we do not win, this victory will be canceled. "

Róbert Mak, midfielder and gun shot of the fourth goal of Slovakia: "I'm really pleased to score again in the game, I did not use the last chance I got, and I wanted to help the team because we needed this victory, we need to win in Prague and after Winning Ukraine over Ukraine we will go to the Better Czech Republic when we do the same, we have nothing to worry about. "

Adam Zreľák, striker and third goal shooter SR: "I am very pleased to be back in the long term that he has given me the trainer's trust, he gave me the help and help of the boys."

Miroslav Stoch, RS midfielder: "I really felt really good and even better we won and we had a good match before a key game against the Czech."

Andriy Shevchenko, coach of Ukraine: "During the first half we made a few mistakes We were not good at working with the ball, we had a long pass. We even suffered in the second half. It was even harder Even though we did a lot of Opportunities in the second half, we have not succeeded in turning into goals, there are many young players, many of whom do not yet have experience at this level. "

Transfer Online Start:
16. 11. 2018, 20:45


2: 0

Anton Malatinsky Stadium, City Arena in Trnava


notes: 6. Rusnák, 26. Kucka, 52. Zreľák, 61. Mak – 47. Konopljanka. YC: 49. Greguš (SVK) – 22. Burda (UKR), 87. Stepanenko (UKR), 90. Plastun (UKR). judge: Dabanovič – Djukic, Djikanovic.


Dúbravka – Pekarík, Škrtel (C), Skriniar, Hancko – Greguš – Rusnák, Kucka (30. Bero), Hamsik, Mak – Zrelak.


Bojko – O. Karavaev, Burda, Kryvcov (14th Plastun), Matvijenko – Zinchenko, Konopljanka (C) (64. Šaparenko), Stepanenko, Malinovskyj – Borjačuk (62. Kovalenko), Cygankov.


The Slovakian in Trnava defeated the team leader of Ukraine 4: 1, when coach started Pavel Hapal govoovo okorenili Rusnák, Kucka, Zreľák and Mak. For guests, Konopljanka lost by half. Nice evening of Trnava.

90 + 3 minutes

The Slovakian won over Ukraine with a difference of 4: 1.

90 + 2 minutes

Direct kick to Ukraine. Finally, however, the side of the home and four Soviet attackers had almost forced Stepanenko to score his own goal. But Brvno was against. The score does not change.

90 + 1 minute

It's three minutes.

90 + 1 minute

Kick direct to us

90 + 1 minute

Škriniar on the abusive abusive attack, Plastun is clearly shooting and the yellow card.

90 minutes

The yellow card is given by Igor Plastun (Ukraine).

90 minutes

In a short time we will learn how much will be done.

89 minutes

Škrtel was about to be blocked at the offside, the referee gave an interruption at the stage and put the ball to the host.

88 minutes

Direct kick to Slovakia, a good position, about 30 meters from the gate.

87 minutes

Stepanenko spoils one of the players from Stockha and scored a yellow card.

86 minutes

Bero pushed the ball to Ďuriša, scored, but the Slovakian cheer was spoiled by offside signal.

85 minutes

The game already plays, at a good pace, a Slovakian victory has already been determined.

84 minutes

Ballko high to Boyko hands, Ukraine is able to move on.

83 minutes

Corner for Slovakia

82 minutes

Ďuriš replaces Zrelak.

81 minutes

The last ten minutes of the game, Ukraine is trying to do something with the result, our dealings are protected.

80 minutes

Dúbravka again arrives, after the Malinovsky shot to the center of the gate.

78 minutes

The great combination of Ukraine and Cygankov can not end. Our guests were playing well, but the goal did not come.

77 minutes

All of us are on our half, waiting for the fault of Ukraine.

76 minutes

Malinovskyj scored a shot in the sixth, but lost the Dúbravka gate.

75 minutes

After a high center, the Škrtela and Dúbravka collision. Our captain lies on the ground for a while. After a while, this difficult man is on his feet.

74 minutes

Hangano Cyganko. Direct kick to Ukraine.

73 minutes

The rifle fights for the ball on each ball, which is seen as a flavor of football after injury. Both in Nuremberg and the representation.

72 minutes

The pressure of visitors was shot by Stepanenko, but his attempt was on the goal away.

71 minutes

By the end of the game, it's less than twenty minutes.

70 minutes

Stoch replaces Róbert Mak.

69 minutes

The team also returns to Miroslav Stoch from Slovakia.

68 minutes

Zincenko tried to penetrate to the left hand side, but just a wrong shot was outside the Dúbravka gate.

67 minutes

The ball has Bojko, and sent to his fellow members in the assault.

65 minutes

The corn for Ukraine, but Stepanenko moved his head into the hands of Dúbravka.

64 minutes

Replacement of the Ukraine team: Jevhen Konopljanka leaves Mykola Šaparenko.

64 minutes

Just sorry that we were not currently playing at the games in Ukraine and at home with the Czech.

63 minutes

All Slovakia lost the unfortunately Bojka network.

62 minutes

Replacement in Ukraine: Andrij Borjačuk comes off Viktor Kovalenko.

61 minutes

Slovakia has scored a goal!
After a good transition to the attack, Pekarík went to Rusnak who moved to Roberto MAK. Conquered Bojka in the Mak over sixteen feet from the hexagon boundary. We are leading 4: 1.

59 minutes

Konopljanka got the ball to escape and ended against Dúbravka, defended by Škriniar. The Soviet defended themselves.

58 minutes

Bero arrived through the defense players, the ball reached the Zrelak and after the battle fell to the floor. According to the referee, Hapal's coach had a different opinion and gave him a clear indication.

57 minutes

Hancko defends and defends, and now his head is at risk in the sixties, and we can play on it.

56 minutes

Hancko got the ball on the left wing, who sent the center to Zrelak, but the home attacker can not finish. They were centimeters.

55 minutes

Zincenkov and Karavaev left the Dúbravka gate.

53 minutes

A quick response to the Ukrainian goal, Adam Zrelak, with the Hapal trainer defeated with a goal. Rusnák also scored the goal.

52 minutes

Slovakia has scored a goal!
A straight kick to Hamšíka, Pekarík gave him back and Hancka and Maka took the ball to Rusnák, knocking the ball towards ADAMOVI ZREĽÁKOVI and scored the goal.

51 minutes

Fact to Petra Pekarík, Zinčenko is fouled.

50 minutes

The introduction to the second half did not go too far, we went to Ukraine.

49 minutes

The yellow card gets Ján Greguš (Slovakia).

47 minutes

Ukraine has scored a goal!
A quick counter on the right, Karavaev won JEVENA KONOPLJANK and Ukraine's star did not give the opportunity to play Dúbravka's ball.

47 minutes

Both teams did not play for half time.

46 minutes

The second half began.

The second half will start at around 21.50.

The first half-time equivalent with Ukraine is played by the Russian 2: 0 excellent when the Rusnak score was opened in the sixth minute and the second goal was added by a nice shot from the Juraj Kucka chess .

45 + 2 minutes

The first half is over.

45 + 2 minutes

A ball at Hancock, half time has stopped. Malinovskyj has also checked the Dúbravka blow.

45 + 2 minutes

The guests of the ball try to calculate a break.

45 + 1 minute

Dúbravka takes hands and centers that have been blocked on the corner corner of Ukraine.

45 + 1 minute

Two minutes are over.

45 minutes

We are waiting for the performance.

44 minutes

Hamsik was shot in his wrist, his attempt at the Bojka gate.

43 minutes

Mak and Hancko fight down to the left and focus their defense by the center and the left boundary is far from Matus Bero. Its goal ends in the net.

42 minutes

Matoujenko attacked Berom, who had the ball cleaned and slowed down.

41 minutes

Premier Paul Hapal is still running, his teammates play very well and there are two nice goals.

40 minutes

Hancko stayed on the ground after heading, Slovak doctors back at work.

39 minutes

The ball was exchanged between the men of Slovakia, Mak the ball was on the wing and set to sixteen. Guest protection was already ready for guests, Ukraine has the ball.

38 minutes

The Soviet Ukrainians placed half by half, our players on the right handed their attention and prevented them from the assault of the guests.

37 minutes

The first half ends. The need to eat guests, Shevchenko will be clear in the cabin speech to the performance of its athletes.

36 minutes

Our minds do not move, they attack the opponent and they enjoy the game.

35 minutes

We have defended Ukraine's penetration into the sixth place, Škriniar has weighed the ball twice out of danger.

34 minutes

Bojko Bojko, who made the ball and took the ball in front of the midfielder of Arnhem, defeated a defensive shot to Bera.

33 minutes

There were no short shipping by Slovakia on the corner going too far, but obviously we were playing cool, we combine and try to overcome the protective guests.

33 minutes

The corner for Slovakia, the second in the game.

32 minutes

The Ukrainians are not able to reach the game, Dúbravka has not been compromised.

31 minutes

Pecker catches to his left shoulder, still outside the area in the office of the nurse.

30 minutes

Replacement of the Slovak team: Juraj Kucka leaves Matúš Bero.

30 minutes

Pekarík stayed after the Zinchenko battle on the ground.

29 minutes

Juraja Kucku will be replaced by Matúš Bero.

28 minutes

Kucka is eagerly out of the road, but the ball is cleared off the field.

27 minutes

Kucka joined the field after he was shot, but again he was in the care of the doctors.

26 minutes

Slovakia has scored a goal!
After short trips, JURAJ KUCKA got the ball behind the ball and placed on the Bojka gloves. Slovakia leads 2-0.

26 minutes

Ukrainians do not now understand that our playwrights can play. They helped Dúbravko.

25 minutes

Kucka is in the care of doctors, Kucka is walking behind a line.

24 minutes

Now the game belongs to Slovakia, Kucka is on the ground and yet it does not play.

23 minutes

The Hancko Zrelak exhibition center was located and the gate of Ukraine gate. A nice moment could be 2: 0.

22 minutes

Burda ruins Kucka and sees the first yellow card in the game.

22 minutes

Ukrainian goalkeeper scored a sudden center.

21 minutes

The Pekarik center was invited to the right. We'll see the first corner kick. Our children kicks.

20 minutes

Deng minutes we are behind us, we are leading over Ukraine after the Hitkák 1: 0 hit.

19 minutes

Mak's short shot went down, but lost his technical attempt at the Bojka gate. Good was our transfer of a stopwatch to attack.

18 minutes

Kucka is still lying on the ground, after the Ukrainian intervention, Juraj slowly goes off the ground and we play on it.

18 minutes

Pekarík fouled Konopljanka, the guests of the standard did not use too much, the Dúbravka ball has.

17 minutes

Now, Hancko was trying to push Mako out, but the player had a number 20 away.

16 minutes

Hancko had a long leaflet in the job, but he could not keep it. However, he tried to thank the approval.

15 minutes

Occupants in the game were the penalties of the penalty by the visitors. Plastun players now thought that the work had done and operated more protective, just waiting for the last whistleblock swap.

14 minutes

Replacement of the Ukraine team: Serhiy Kryvcov leaves, Igor Plastun is coming.

13 minutes

It could have been 2: 0, but we did not add the goal, the guests are aware of the leadership position in the group and it is specially seen in the defense.

12 minutes

Kucka fights the ball from his opponent, Pekárik was found and the other found Hamšík. Hamšík wanted to shoot the first one, but he missed the goal.

11 minutes

The assault of Ukraine ends with an incorrect route, the assistant midfielder points to the goal of the goal of the Slovakian goalkeeper.

10 minutes

Rusnak gave the combination of Zinchenko and Konopljanka. The ball has expired in Dúbravka.

9 minutes

Our own faith, Gregus holds Ukraine back.

8 minutes

The audience and the women are encouraged to submit well.

7 minutes

Konopljanka was streaming through the shot.

6 minutes

Slovakia has scored a goal!
Hamšík moved the ball after kicking straight to ALBERTA RUSNÁKA and the shot shot over Bojka in the gate of Ukraine. The Slovakian leader leads 1: 0.

5 minutes

Burdov fails with Hancka, the Slovakian gets a good chance to open the score.

4 minutes

Ukraine is already moving on from the group, the Slovakians are rescued in the B regions, they need to win the game in Prague. I'll play on Monday.

3 minutes

The Ukrainians with short payments arrived at our sixth form, Škrtel carefully and kick the ball.

2 minutes

Immediately from the beginning, he took on the battalion of Hamšík, and found no center of any Slovakian in sixteen guests.

1 minute

The Slovakian goes to blue in blue, the guests in the yellow.

1 minute

The meeting started.

At Trnava, the B-B 1st Division of the European Nations League between Slovakia and Ukraine will be held. The game starts on Friday 16 November at 20.45.

Slovakia has lost in Lviv 0: 1 and a home against the Czech Republic belongs to the third place with a score 1: 3. As well as the game against Ukraine, a duel in the Czech Republic is wait for them on Monday.

For Pavel Hapal, the new coach of our show, this is the first. Miroslav Stoch returned from Slavi in ​​Prague to the team after two years. There are two yellow cards against Tomas Hubocan, one for Ondrej Duda and one for Milan Škriniar.

"I think it will be ready, we will do it for the maximum, we have more than 24 hours to play with Ukraine, and if Stano was not fit, I think he will play against the Czech Republic," says Hapal before the duel.

Interestingly, no player at Fortuna League's home nominates Pavel Hapal. The original nominated scarf will not play for injuries that he suffered in the battle before Bratislava Bar.

Nomination of Slovakia representation

• Gollers: Martin Dúbravka (Newcastle United), Matúš Kozáček (FC Viktoria Plzeň), Marek Rodák (Rotherham United)

• Defendants: Erik Sabo (Shepo Hapoel Beech), Peter Pekarik (Hertha Berlin), Martin Škrtel (Fenerbahce Istanbul), Denis Vavro (FC Copenhagen), Milan Škriniar (Inter Milan), Dávid Hancko (ACF Fiorentina) ( Olympique Marseille)

• midfielders: Miroslav Stoch (Slavia Praha), Stanislav Lobotka (Celta Vigo), Patrik Hrošovský (FC Viktoria Plzeň), Juraj Kucka (Trabzonspor), Jan Greguš (FC Copenhagen), Marek Hamšík (SSC Napoli), Ondrej Duda) Róbert Mak (Zenit St. Petersburg), Albert Rusnak (Salt Lake City), Vladimir Weiss (Al Gharafa SC), Matus Bero (Vitesse Arnhem)

• Assault: Adam Nemec (FC Pafos), Michal Ďuriš (Anorthosis Famagusta), Adam Zreľák (1. FC Nürnberg)


• Gollers: Dominik Greif (Slovan Bratislava), Adam Jakubech (OSC Lille)
• players in the field: Boris Sekulic (CSKA Moscow), Lukáš Štetina (Sparta Praha), Branislav Niňaj (Fortuna Sittard), Roman Procházka (Viktoria Plzeň), Filip Kiss (Ettifaq FC), Jakub Považanec (FK Jablonec), Lukáš Haraslín (DAC Dunajska Streda), Róbert Mazáň (Celta Vigo), Róbert Pich (Slask Wroclaw), László Bénes (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Erik Jendrišek (Lechia Gdansk), Samuel Mráz (FC Empoli), Pavol Šafranko Škoda Xanthi), Jaroslav Mihalik ( MŠK Žilina)

Ukrainian Football Association Nomination:

Gollers: Andrij Piatov (Shakhtar Donetsk), Denis Bojko (Dynamo Kiev), Andrij Lunin (CD Leganés / Sp.)

Defenders: Sergi Krivcov, Mykola Matvijenko (all Shakhtar Donetsk), Mykyta Burda, Vitalij Mykolenko (dynamo Kiev), Olexander Karavajev (Zaria Lugansk), Igor Plastun (KAA Gent / Belg)

Middleweight: Viktor Cygankov, Vitalij Bujalski, Mykola Šaparenko (all Kiev Dynamo), Taras Stepanenko, Viktor Kovalenko, Sergi Bolbat (all Shakhtar Donetsk), Jevgen Konoplanka (Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen / Nem.), Ruslan Malinovskij (KRC Genk / Olexander Zinchenko (Manchester City / England), Jevgen Makarenko (Anderlecht Brwsel / Belgium), Ivan Petriak (Ferencváros Budapest / Hwngari)

Assault: Roman Jaremchuk (KAA Gent / Belg.), Marian Šved (Karpaty Lvov), Andriy Boriachuk (FK Mariupol)

Our front for this game: 1: 0 for Slovakia.

The main referee is Nikola Dabanovič, on the lines the allies Milovan Djukic and Aleksandar Djikanovič will help.

Welcome to an online transfer. The meeting will start at 20:45.

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