Monday , June 14 2021

How Americans are preparing to return to space

They have not given their own vision! Since 2011, when they shut down their shuttle, Americans fly to space only with Russian technology.

In the meantime, however, they find it hard to return to space again! The new spacecraft will be Orion spacecraft. The new spacecraft project was inspired by the Apollo project, received by the Americans for the Moon.

The European Space Agency (ESA) also works with it. It is responsible for building a service module, which will include a water tank as well as the drive. Nowadays, however, the biggest attention is paid to the Orion crew, the NASA is experiencing difficult tests.

So what are the developments? Orion will allow many longer space journeys than any spacecraft or other space shuttle. Without preaching at the space station, it will resist the crew aboard for 21 days. NASA is proud to enable people to return to the moon, asteroid research after over 50 years, and will be a big step forward for Mars.

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In the shape of the crew, they were inspired by the Apollo capsule, but they have much more ability. It takes up to a 6 person crew. The first journey to space with the group has to run for 2023. In 2020, however, the unmanned module should send up to ten thousand kilometers per month. The Earth's natural satellite face, which became first people in 1972, is close to 100 km.

The test mission is mainly to answer the question that Orion can return home safely. When the Earth's atmosphere penetrates, the crew capsule reaches a speed of up to 11 km per second and warms up to a temperature of 2 760 ° C. Recently, Orion installed a 5 meter heat titanium and carbon fiber heat shield to protect the crew. However, until Orion really goes into space, it has to go through many hardship tests.

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