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Social insurance increases the number of electronic communications

BRATISLAVA, November 18 ( – Social Security (SP) communication is growing through the electronic mailbox. SP spokesman Peter Višváder said.
If from January to the end of October last year, the insurance company's headquarters received 106,940 electronic submissions and were sent 66,186, this year is the number of mail delivered through the electronic mailbox more double and the number sent more than three times.
"From January to October this year, the Social Security Company headquarters received the mailbox with 232,444 submissions and sent 213,636 submissions," said the insurer.

Citizen card with chips

According to his spokesman, the social insurance company meets the questions of insurance, or to police ID insurance with a police chip reported by the insurance company.
"This is not the case, although this ID card is used to register for the port and to enter the electronic mailbox, the citizen can communicate with & # 39 ; the Social Insurance Company for this .This tool from the ID card (eID cards called) does not require the Social Insurance Company to report, "Vishvader warned.

Paper communication

If the citizen has an active electronic mailbox, the Social Insurance Company communicates with it electronically.
If the electronic mailbox did not apply for delivery, even if it has a chip with a chip, the Social Insurance Company can not communicate with it by electronic mail fags and communicate in paper form.
"The social insurance company always verifies if the entity has an active electronic mailbox, and if it is operational, it will send it electronically," said the insurance company spokesman.
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