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Wimbledon: Semifinals will offer legends. Federer meets Nadal


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Swiss tennis player Roger Federer managed to hunt for another hundred. After reaching the 100th victory in Dubai at the beginning of the year, Wimbledon's quarter-finals on Wednesday became the history of the first 100-player triumph at one of Grand Slams in the Open era.

"It's something special, I've been here for many years, so I've won a lot of victories, but today I did not think about landmarks, I never think about them, super, whoever would say it, I did not do it," said Federer, 37 , on the official site of the ATP.

The second player in the quarter-finals match with Kay Nishikori, Japan, will play in the record-breaking 13th semifinal at All England. The Swiss can become the first tennis player to win Grand Slam titles in the Open era in the thirties. However, rival rival Raphael Nadal is on his way, and he can do the same. Both of them met last time at Wimbledon in the 2008 finals, the match went down in history as one of the best. After the drama of the 19th century, the Spaniard won a 9: 7 victory in the decisive series. Moreover, Federer can compensate him for the loss from the finals this year, Roland Garros.

"We both know each other very well, so it makes no sense to spend time on tactics. We are on the grass, so I'll come and play in my game" Federer said adding: "I always like games with Rafa. It's fun, people are always annoying us, it was in Paris and here in London. Rafa is not just a clay specialist, he can" bite "on every surface."

Swiss Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

Swiss Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

Source: Reuters

Similarly Nadal looks at it, the floor of which is clay. However, he made his way to the semi-finals when American Sam Carrie won him only in the first set. Among the first four in Wimbledon, he will play for the seventh time, only 32 in the semifinals of all Grand Slams.

"This is again a great feeling to be in the elite squad of the All England Club. I'm especially glad that I can get here." Duel with Roger: It's always a unique situation. I mean, and, probably, also to him. Nadal said.

The first four also misses the world apparatus Novak Djokovic. For the first time in twelve years in the semifinals will be the Federer, Nadal and Djokovich trios. In the quarterfinals Serbs won the Belgian David Hoffin, who even in the second set took a "canary".

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Source: Reuters

"I played the whole tournament so well, especially on Wednesday against Hoffin, which was in shape. I was pleased with the performance in the second and third sets, but everything could be different because most of the first set was better" Djokovic reviewed.

Thirty-year champion Wimbledon brings Grand Slam's magnificent prize when he has won 31 out of 32 matches. The only loser was Roland Garros in the semifinals. He fights against the finale against Spaniard Robert Bautista Aguta. He is in the top 10 ranking, but in the previous two tournaments in Doha and Miami he left the court as the winner.

"No doubt he is a very good opponent, he is still in beautiful light and shows good tennis, he will double me and he will undoubtedly raise his trust, but now he plays on the grass, and the semifinal of the Grand Slam is another "coffee" to prepare the appropriate tactics " – said Djokovic.

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