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Containers and oil are stored in "Komi Luka"


Koper – If overloading containers and oil products at Koper was not possible, the overload in the first half of the year would be reduced significantly more than it was. Thus, it decreased only by a low percentage, while incomes increased by 6%. In the first half-year, 11.91 million tons of goods were sold, for the same period last year – 11.98 million tons. On sale, the joint-stock company generated 118 million euros of net income (last year, during the same period, 111 million euros).

Higher incomes result from a better structure of overload and additional manipulation of goods. In addition, the number of cars decreased by 16% (to 341 990). Total shipments were at least nine percent less, partly due to the reduction in logging turnover due to political instability in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as due to volatility in the iron market. Dead drop rates are also related to bulk and bulk cargoes due to a technical failure of one of the consumers who supply coal through Koper and due to delays in the arrival of bulk shipments in July. There were 12% more freight and 2% more containers (497,891 per half year).

Business Plan Luke Cooper for this year involves an increase in cargo by 3%. In fact, ship handling decreased most in the first quarter (by 3%). At the same time, Copper is more financially responsible for the cost of transporting the second track and significantly higher labor costs due to more regular employment and different ways of hiring a workforce. Today they have to decide which external contractor will be responsible for providing services at the car terminal. On August 22, a general meeting was held in which the shareholders elected a new member of the Supervisory Board, for which the Supervisory Board proposed. d Director of the city administration Tamaro Kozlovich.

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