Thursday , November 21 2019
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Google Translate supports Slovenian even in @ Slo-Tech


Android Central – Google has released a new version of the Google Translate translation program that offers many new features. Among them there is support for more than 60 languages ​​(all 88 of them), where the translation camera works. With the camera on the phone, we can just grab the inscription, and Google Translate will recognize the text and translate it. From now on this is possible for Slovenian. You can also choose any of the target languages ​​as English. The language of the original is recognized by the program itself.

Also, the quality of translations has improved. Google claims that the use of neural machine translation errors is lower by 85 percent. As a result, the quality of translation in the app is nearing quality in Google Lens and in the online version of Google Translate, where artificial intelligence was still used. The new app will eventually find the way to our phones, since Google only offered it to a certain percentage of users, and will be available to other users in the coming weeks.

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