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Hacer Hafner is honest: I was expecting more purified concepts in her head


It's over! This spring, we were accompanied by the romantic adventures of the third season heroes of the Love Love by Home series, which they made with communicating in the magnificent rooms of the Castle of Stetenberg. We were there, asked what was going on with the cameras, and what are the plans for the future.


Younger brother Hafner went to the show with Gasper, but we remember that you did it Tanja Postružnik Koren First he honestly gave him when Gasper brought a series of letters, and Jakie was only one. But when she pulled out a few letters from her, the pleasure was still so sweet. After a quick date, he invited his farm to Papyrnica Cayo Grozina, Anjo Šplajt, Tejo Koshir in Sasha Omeragich, but the latter was so fascinated that she sent the remaining girls home early and swore that Sashka had the right to do so. In a short time, everything went so far that he even met Sasha's teen daughter when the cameras came out, and love also cooled down. But He still did not come to the meeting, but surprised him Ano Podobnik, who initially fought for the heart of his brother Gasper. – This is Love. And a surprise to everyoneTanya told Jazz and added that they had traveled from Sasha every time, and Ana told Tanya that she had jumped out of the spark when she started talking to her sister after the show, and she often met her very well. What did he trust us with?

The first show child is "Come home!

Jacob Hafner realized the true love of the show. "I was looking for it," he entrusted to us.PHOTOS: POP TV

Strong, the record is over, as if I've now described the whole experience of love at home?

Uf tense Interesting. Worthy. This is my description.

Why is it difficult?

There was no pause due to shooting that did not end. Meanwhile, I went to work, the girls waited for me at home and, consequently, shot … When the cameras came out, we continued to hang out.

The most desirable brother in Slovenia remains in the show

Could you then say that love too?

No, I would not say that love is beautiful to me (laughter).

During the broadcast, we have witnessed your love for Saxony, but now you have agreed with Anna. What happened?

Firstly, I would mark years and then a way of thinking that was completely different for us. Depending on her age, I expected that there would be more purified concepts in her head, but she was still quite childish. And Anna is beautiful, that's what I was looking for.

What are your relations with other candidates who were with you?

We do not have many contacts, we sometimes hear through Facebook, but we do not get to coffee.


Always smiling, the perasper this year envisioned a huge interest in girls, but his heart received only one thing: Patricia Lavigneque, who also accompanied Ghasper in the castle. According to the heart, Ana, who finally approached Yako, was mentioned. Karin Perc, Wilandana Keranovich in Andrew Brilli. Vildiana cared about a lot of plot, Andrew showed her jealousy, but in the end, Patrick was calm, which turned out to be the best choice for the nine-year-old Gaschar.

She decided for her other brother

Gasper, it seems to me that there was not such a drama as your brother, but how did you survive this experience?

Of course, such a drama was not really, do not forget that her friend Yaka was on the first day. That's why I could not expect more so that my girls were so involved, they became friends, we still hear, we hang out … Even on the statements I did not feel any angry name. Later I talked to each of them and made sure that there was no indignation. This worried me most, because we really understood each other: I'm with them and with each other.

Already in the show, they said that your taste for women is different, but now Jacob landed with your candidate. How do you comment?

I like that they got as much as they did. I'm joking now that both of my finalists stayed with us at home because I finally chose between Ana and Patricia. Of course I did not expect this, and I was very surprised when brought him home, but it was a pleasant surprise. Regarding taste, I do not know … All the girls who wrote to me were also tasteful of Jacob, but you can not do anything out of the look. It's also important that it's in the middle.

What is the future with Patricia?

Yes, now we are officially a couple. I do not think too much to predict the future, because whenever I did, something went wrong, but I hope for the better. But this is, of course, the present distance, which is the biggest problem for us. But if we together and keep together, then much to overcome.

Gasper Huffner chose Patricia Lavnak.PHOTOS: POP TV


Many have learned of the drama of the 30-year-old Micha Bóżicć from Krško, who has already struck many viewers with his appearance and news that he built the house with his own hands, and also works in the Slovenian army. But when the girls who chose him came home, his decision seemed to be reddened. She took care of the first plot Leonid Kolbl, who argued that other girls behaved improperly to her, and Mikhov's house also went early, Ksenia YanaWho was Mitchy from morning to evening, often with his nerves, finalists? Anica Prebejšek in Barbara Pastryk Finally, they got a basket, because Micha could not just decide who he would choose, because he saw only one friend in both. And how does he now look at the show?

Micha, how would you describe the whole experience of love love at home?

The experience was beautiful, I met new people, big girls. At first it was best that I had a few girls, and then I realized that it could be very difficult.

Attempt in what sense?

Especially through the wars between them and the bad wills that came.

Stolen kisses and shocking confessions in love at home

You have not selected any. What is the main reason for your decision?

I no longer felt. We are friends, but no more.

What are the plans for the future?

I do not know. I would like to find some pretty girl. Now there will be more interest on the Internet, and I think that this experience was also a good incentive for me.

Mihh Bojich did not find true love in the show, but believes that interest in him will now increase.PHOTOS: POP TV


Togaz Bizjak, a 24-year-old Premont, also dreamed of a love that would have pampered him in the picturesque landscape of Horyskaya Brdi when he entered the show, but soon learned that a group of different girls could make great complications. When we talked to the owner before the show started Tanny Potzugnik Koren, hinting that one of the candidates will understand that dating through social networks is not always the same as it originally appeared, and soon it became clear that she was talking about Tomas. One of the candidates Eva Poklic, already chatting with Tomaž chatting through Facebook, but in the real world it turned out to be completely different; as Tomaz said, visually and personally. As if this plot itself was not sufficient, the other candidates were offended because Tom was so devoted to Eve, and at the end he chose Patricia Schwigel, but already during the trip, they found that, apparently, there would be no bread from this flour.

The hostess of love spoke honestly at home

Tomaz, much has happened, how would I end up evaluating the whole experience at the show "Love" at home?

The whole experience was great for me. If I had the opportunity, I would repeat it immediately. What I certainly do is different, but I repeat it.

Did you ask Patrice for a trip, why did you choose her?

Among all the girls I considered the best for me. Otherwise, the excursion was great, but we found out that she did not answer, so unfortunately I can not do anything here.

You came to a meeting with a friend.

That's right, I brought my friend, with whom we made a surprise to everyone on the table. Together, we also prepared one song and, above all, I was important today.

Where do you look for love now?

At the moment, I put my work in first place, I would like to build a company and work at home, and for love there is time, so I also give it.

Tomaž Bizjak: "If I had such an opportunity, I would repeat this experience right away."PHOTOS: POP TV

The first show child is "Come home!


However, all young candidates had to admit the main battle of passion and love for the 58-year-old Milan Trzan of Sevnika. Among the candidates in Milan it was shaky, and if they were Hermina Pirc in Vesna Rad they soon realized that Milan was not entitled to them, and even volunteered to show, they were 60 years old Rasma Begulich from Ljubljana and 67 years old Irena Droz with Portorož ready for the last fight. Although it was clear that Racema was much more in love with Milan than Irena, she decided – as Milan himself said – beauty and invited Irene on a journey. There he struggled to convince her that she was right for her, but as Irena was decisive, she could only offer him friendship.

Rasema (LPD) sincerely about an accident in love

Milan, at the beginning, I ask you how would you rate the whole experience of Love Love Show at home?

The experience was great, I'm not sorry that I signed up, and if I've ever seen any candidate I would like, I would be willing to report it.

Now I have the opportunity to ask directly: why did you choose Irene?

Because she was the best of all. Over time, I realized that we were not really together, but we went to the end and we would be left with a friend.

Did I invite Irene today?

Yes, I invited her and accepted the invitation. Until now, I see you, but for the future we must remember how much and how much we will never see ourselves.

And what about other candidates?

If we see, we will meet, but we have nothing in common.

Here's how Rasma with LPD was spotted 35 years ago!

Milan Trzhan: "Over time, I realized that we were not really together, but we came to an end and we will stay with our friends."PHOTOS: POP TV


This year Daria Tomajin arrived in a fight for love, who received a number of letters, and finally chose the four men who most convinced her. Of course, she did not convince her to work on her farm, as she insisted, but the days were in a relaxed atmosphere. Youngest candidate Neitz Schimitsashe left her younger friend and invited her a year younger for a trip Mark Posavats, who confessed to her on a trip that looks to another. At the meeting she was accompanied by a 65-year-old Branco Cvet, who with his statements this year often laughed at the audience. We both talked with both of us.

Love at home: "Men are weird!

Branco, you fought for the heart of Daria, you did not go on a trip, and you are at a meeting. How would you rate the whole experience?

On the one hand, we did nothing at all, but you know, she had the feeling that we should work. But I do not know love … half. She did not show too much emotion, and therefore we did not do that. Whatever we did, it was wrong, but, consequently, there was no real contact, you know? First of all, we had four, then they disappeared … in the final she decided the brand. She already knows why she so decided. This was normal, but we may be too familiar to urban life, and it works in the country. I do not know what will happen, I do not move to her, but she does not go to Ljubljana. But it was an interesting and good experience.

Were you surprised when invited to a meeting?

I do not know. Perhaps she was mistaken for Mara's lack of real interests, and then she tried again with me. But the same thing with me.

How then would I describe my relationship with Darius?

Well, no, we will definitely be friends. From the outset, she said she also wants to work on promoting her estate, which I have in my little one. Now she moves, depending on what she wants to do. I have a link, I can do something, she says. But there may be some spark in the work.

The first decisions in love after a home-made surprise

Darja, how would you describe the whole experience?

It was very interesting, something new, difficult, sometimes pleasant, sometimes even … Briefly, new ideas for the ranch were opened, and love … I do not know, my boys did not have working habits, but I wanted to meet someone that would help me at work. I got a lot of new friends. Everyone is interesting, special, everyone gave me something good. We still hear it and it is also very valuable. The recording was difficult, but if I pulled out the line, it was cute. The whole team, all honor, is commendable. Our views were extremely respected and respected. There was nothing like what they did not want.

You invited Marco on a trip, you came to a meeting with Branco. Where did this happen to Mark?

Marco was like a man like me … most men. But we just felt that there was nothing between us. During the conversation everything was very good, it was wrong to think that everyone has their own vision. At the age of thirty years you have other priorities than to fall in love. I invited Branko for dinner, because you can use the smile as much as possible. We are great friends and often hear even more than with Mark! I also thought I could invite Nejc. We really understand each other and we can all talk about it.

What are the plans for the future?

However, the goal remains the same: I want to create a ranch, as I have seen in Austria. Otherwise, I still want to meet such a man as I want. He who is good and who sees that I am as it is.

Daria still wants someone to help her in the estate.PHOTOS: POP TV


The jumper of this season was volunteering and smiling throughout the season, and he kept his smile even when he was Jellyfish Lishak he was a little aggressive to him, surprised when he did not choose Jozick Matko, which they all saw as an ideal partner for him, but chose Mary Radowatz, for which he even overcame fear and took a plane and departed to Venice.

Love is home

Yes, your farm was a very colorful company. How would you describe your candidates?

I think all four were happy! I had to choose only one, but this is life, and if it were given, I would save all four. You need a cook, you need … everything. But yes, it's not like that (laughter). I think that nobody will say anything bad about me, because I cared for them, served them, kept all the promises I gave. However, solutions to the ride have always been difficult.

On what basis did you choose Mary?

First of all, I looked at it, that it looks like me: he is brave, like I, which I prove to be a fire brigade volunteer. Jožica was surprised me, although now I am sad on one side. Perhaps it would be better if you chose it. I know that she's a little offended, but I still love her. Maybe we're still meeting together!

What is your relationship with Mary now?

Okay. We are not cut off, we hear, but I know that there is nothing more than friendship between us … She is more profitable, otherwise super-woman, I would have it at once, but I understand that she will not come to me. We can love him, but there is no real love.

Jože Rožen: "It would probably be better if you chose Jozhik!PHOTOS: POP TV

All lovers of peasant love, not worrying! Although the 3rd season ended, we met the heroes of the 4th season yesterday who will also try to find the right person for themselves. Get acquainted with them HEREand during the summer from Monday to Friday at 20.00 POP TV Follow Love in the Village, the Croatian version of the show. For the first time tomorrow!

Such love experiences have new candidates for Love at home

Heroes and heroes of the 4th season of showing love to the native are already looking forward to your letters.

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