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Slovenes without a car can not even be on vacation


We are far ahead of all European Union countries in relation to passenger cars.

The population of Slovenia is among the most populous in the EU, which decide to travel by car, as well as among those who mostly travel abroad, according to data published by the European Statistical Office Eurostat in 2017. travel to the countries where they live.


We joined the cult of the car

Eurostat data shows that 1.3 billion tourists came to the EU. four percent more than in 2016, with an average trip of 5.1 days. On these trips they produced 6.4 billion Nights.

Almost three quarters (73%) of all trips are made by EU residents within the countries where they live. Of the 27 percent of travel abroad, 80 percent went to other members of the Union.

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A car, an airplane, a train

Citizens of the EU used their own or hired personal transport vehicle (64% of cases). The trips are aircraft (17 percent) and train (11 percent). Air travel was predominant in travel abroad (56 per cent of cases), and travel by car (76 per cent) was used for domestic travel.

Almost half (49%) of all trips to the EU were of a tourist nature, 35% of cases were visits by relatives and friends, and 12% – by official routes.

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The most Slovenian cars are

The most popular means of transportation for Slovenian citizens were personal vehicles, since 85% of all trips were by road. They followed the population of Portugal (80%), the Czech Republic (79%) and Spain and Bulgaria (77%). On the other hand, in Luxembourg and Cyprus (48%), as well as in Ireland (49%), passenger cars were the least used.

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Airplanes were mainly used by the inhabitants of the small island states of Malta (63%), Cyprus (49%) and Ireland (43%), while in six countries – Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia – this share was less than 10%.

Travel trips were mainly used in France (15%) and Germany (14%), both known by the diversified rail network.

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Slovenka, which is 40 thousand kilometers per year for electricity

Mostly in Croatia

The largest share of trips in the country of residence is recorded in Romania (94%), Spain (91%), Portugal (89%), Greece (88%), France (87%) and Bulgaria (86%). . Meanwhile, citizens of Luxembourg (98%), Belgium (80%), Malta (68%) and Slovenia (62%) traveled the most in the rest of the world. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenes are the largest number of foreign trips made in Croatia.

The greatest duration of the trip was for the inhabitants of Greece (9.9 days), the smallest – a citizen of Romania (3.9 days). In Slovenia, the duration of the trip from 4.3 days was slightly lower than the EU average.

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