Friday , June 18 2021

The Maribor specializing in oncology has achieved the highest points among candidates from around the world

In Slovenia and Switzerland, this type of examination is a condition for expertise in the field of internal incoology. "Every year, the exam will be held by representatives from all countries around the world, because the high score is considered to be a measure of information acquired from this area at a comparative international level," said statement to & # 39; the press at the University Clinical Center (UKC).

As well as Maribor, specializing in Nine Fokter Dovnik's incoatologist oncology, the special award was received in the ESMO congresses at the end of October, and the special award was carried out by Gaelle Rhyner Agocs, who held the Swiss exam.

"This result is a great recognition for me, especially in terms of the denials that it made difficult," said Fokter Dovnikova.

He remembered that Slovenian experts in this exam, held once a year in different locations around the world, often achieve good success, as can be seen from the high level of information about Slovenian experts in this area. "Generally, Slovenian experts are usually at the top," he added.

On the basis of ESMO recognition he received a scholarship for additional education abroad. "However, there is an international, relatively high issue that opens a specific door for you," he said.

Four years ago, Oncologist Urška Bokal received a special recognition from the society. As a Fokter Dovnik exam, she did in Madrid.

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