Saturday , July 24 2021

Bangers have been incorporated into several different locations in Malmö – five men arrested

On Sunday, police received a number of talks about high bangs in different locations around Malmö. Overall, three rooms have been attacked on the bangers. Five people are arrested.

picture: Patrick Persson

The first alarm came at 20.05 when a powerful fireworks ship was thrown into a street closet on the Carl Gustaf road in the center of Malmö. According to the police, there is no indication of any injury or material damage at present.

Ten minutes later, police were interviewed that banger had been caught in a street closet on Munkhättegatan. People in the room were injured and some significant damage occurred.

"We may talk about personal injury there," said Rickard Lundqvist, president of the police management and police center.

Another 15 minutes later, there was a call of a video store in Nydalatorget, where another banger was disastrous. The room suffered some damage, but there is no personal injury information.

picture: Patrick Persson

Later, the police stopped a passenger car on the Ramel road, at Rosengård, at a gas station. Five people are arrested for trying gross abuse. Additional suspicions may be possible.

– All are young men. I do not want to understand why we stopped this car, said Rickard Lundqvist.

"We see the connection between these three and the five arrested incidents.

The men will now be questioned.

Those who have suffered pain in their ears are not blurred. And no matter whether they've been injured or not, the classification, trying gross abuse, may continue.

"If you're throwing such a play in a local one, you should understand somewhere what it can do. If you do not, we're talking about an indifferent one. being injured or not, we can continue to give that title, says Rickard Lundqvist.

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