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Fire in the house of Princess Victoria in the Hague castle


He burns in a house in the Hague Castle – where Victoria's crown princess lives with seven.

The fire will fall into a smaller cellar space.

"It's in an economical building near the castle," says Tobias Oksesson in Storpsholm's rescue team.

At 11.13, the rescue service was warned by a constant fire at the Hague Castle in Solna.

"It seems that in the first position there is a fire in a smaller cellar in the building," said Tobias Oksesson, commander of the Storstockholm rescue team.

Haga Castle is the residence of Crowned Princess Victoria from 2010, where she lives with her husband Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar.

"We just landed and make the most of it," Tobias Oksesson said at 11.30.

The princess crown princess is not at home

According to the court, the spouses-princess did not find themselves at home when the fire broke out.

"Children are in pre-school age and the crown, and Prince Daniel at work," says Margaret Torgren, Head of Information.

She states that three fire engines should have been in the Hague castle and check the leakage of smoke from the boiler house.

"What I've heard is going to be under control," says Margaret Torgren.

Then you reduce the risk of a fire in your home 00:45

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