Tuesday , July 27 2021

H65 was not enough: "We're coming again"

Nykøbing Falster became too hard for the H65 in the EHF qualification. Also being lost in the second game with 23-27. – Feels too bad. We would have liked to continue playing as close as we did for this time, said Mikaela Pres.

H65 Ola Månsson coach tries to light up his team.


EHF Cup, 3rd Qualomg

H65 23 (10)

Nykøbing Falster 27 (16)

Nykøbing Falster continues to match the game with a total of 54-47

With nine goals she was together with one piece of Anna Johansson, the best-kept player against a strong Danish team led by former Anna Lagerquist Place player.

"It started well, we were lit, but somehow our head was not included.

The H65 is great in the Swedish league with a majority of eighteen points at nine games.

But it's still a bit to keep up with the best in the European game.

"It's clear that we're full-time tests. We are not there, said H65 Ola Månsson coach.

"The loss can not be eliminated, the Danes are better than us. We tried to take the place but it was not working properly. They are bigger and stronger.

Danish dominion was on the stalls and on the field. Just over three hundred and so many Danish supporters had made so much fuss from themselves as just a few more people who liked a honeycomb from Höör, who joined in Eslöv to support their favorites. The home hall was too small for this dignity game.

926 viewers made it a handball party. The pressure was not wrong – but it was a lot of ability to move on to the group game.

"We did not play in Höör meant nothing. There were many people and we had a good support, but Nykøbing Falster was better. That's what Mikaela Pres said was disappointing.

The H65 was never very close except for the first ten minutes. Johanna Westberg then started his national penalty and Danish national team Lærke Nolsøe – eight goals with protests and developments.

After 14.21 in the second half, Anna Lagerquist 14-21 – his second goal – in a situation where Nyköping Falster was flying away.

As a rule, the loss was in nine goals, but the final result came to an end on three three-goal goals where Nykøbing Falster recorded B record in the last ten minutes and allowed the H65 to look good at the numbers.

"In some cases we'll have to come again, even if it's hard now," said Mikaela Pres.

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