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Here's the shop that sold the great victory: "Great fun" – News at Kristianstad – 24 hours a day


On Saturday it became apparent that someone who played in Kristianstad had become a millionaire. The earnings of around SEK 8.5 million are the highest maximum awarded this year at the Aim Mark. This is also the highest sports game in 2018.

City Coop is the shop where the correct line was presented. During the weekend they have set up signs to congratulate the winner. In the past, there have been many awards in the past.

"It's really fun, for the store and the winner, no-one has heard yet, but we believe that the winner has introduced the coupon on Saturday. You invite you on a trip, "said Marie Bogren in the game shop curiously.

Have you noticed anything from customers after the profit?

"There's nothing rising again, but it's probably coming to the weekend." The goal goal is a Saturday game, says Marie Bogren.

Monday Nobody had heard about Svenska Spel for the million earnings. What they know is that the person has played in the store and not online.

"We've made new efforts to win the winner during the day, but it has not been successful. The attempt continues," says Victor Kalda, the Swedish Communication Communication Recruiter.

The goal goal is to describe the 8 games of a total of 30 most objective. The likelihood of getting everyone right is 1 in 5.8 million.

In Kristianstad, before that, there were two 10 million earnings in the spring, on Lotto with Joker. Then he took half a year to have one of the winners and was made through the individual's bank.

Coop City congratulates the winners.

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