Tuesday , June 15 2021

Leif GW Persson re-installs millions of cloth companies

Leif GW Persson is an internal mediator. Previously, he told Dagens industrien for his ploy to enter companies before they reached the stock market. He believes that the price often raises suddenly when the stock is rated well.

Then it has yet done. Link2pings-based S2 Medical is an upgrade to the equity portfolio, which has been listed on Nasdaq First North in just under two weeks.

The company has developed a park to build a wound body. The piece may sit until the wound improves and you do not need to change the dressing.

GW believes in Medical S2

GW believes there is a revolutionary potential for the patch, Di writes. The investment gives ownership of 1.2 per cent of the company to it.

"I'm getting tough wounds myself because I eat thinning blood," said Leif GW Persson to the newspaper, admitting that he has not yet experienced the piece itself.

GW has previously invested in small companies where the price has arisen after ownership becomes known.

"I've earned a lot of money"

– I have made five such investments over the last three years. I have earned a lot of money on everyone, and I have shares in three of the five companies.

He also shows that he owns shares in a real estate company on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

– It gives me 12 per cent in a direct product. The market has not been affected as in Sweden, because it's for a couple of years later. So I'll expect to keep it well, "he said, not to mention the name of the company.

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