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Moderated Anna Maria Karazza Bildt about her future


"I know that many others would like to get up, like me, but maybe they have sea fish. I will continue to carry out my responsibility as parliamentarians of the European Union, and I will continue to represent the moderates, although I can take more liberties," – says Bradt Coracy, who interprets the statement released by the party after the expiration of the term.

– I have no future within the scope of the Moderates. But I want to continue to represent. Many are wondering where we are going and I want to contribute. I will also ask the party leadership to turn all the rocks around the process of nominating candidates, an investigation.

"Power and mold" on the Soviet way, "she describes the process that made her come to the conclusion that she would leave the party after the summer, she believes that the investigation may prevent others, especially women, in a similar way, and she wants her" loved party "to pass reform in this regard. She wishes to participate in this work.

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In 2014, Corazza Bildt was elected to the European Parliament with a total of 86,000 crosses, and since then he has been with party mothers Christopher Felner and Gunnar Höckmark. They were in Brussels in 2004 and announced that they did not leave the new term, but Corady Bildt expressed great interest in this.

Anna Maria Koratska Photo moderate party council last week.
Anna Maria Koratska Photo moderate party council last week. photo: Liza Mattisson

In October, stood then it is obvious that the nomination committee M was in the proposal to not put it as one of the 32 in the list. The message was criticized by the parties, but having voted in the list of candidates on the day it received support from only 25, while 41 voted on the proposal of the nomination committee.

– I regret that the party leadership was very passive in this matter. I will return to my relationship with the Moderates and Moderates. It is clear that this changes a lot of my attitude, she commented on this issue for the DN.

"I will return to what this means for my relationship with the Moderates, which I thought was my family in Sweden. This feedback for Moderators is more than an answer for me.

DN appealed to the moderate party leadership for comment.

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