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More men are sterilized – Katrineholms-Kuriren

The increase could be due to the fact that more and more women choose to eliminate hormonal contraception, and that men take responsibility to avoid pregnancy, "said Niklas Envall, midwife in RFSU.

"Women today are slightly more negative for contraception, many have proven a number of side effects that certainly prevent them from contraception. Then men choose to take responsibility for reproductive health in this way , says Niklas Envall, who also learns contraception in Karolinska institutet.

As well as the use of condoms, sterilization is what is available to men today, and in the last five years more and more males have been tied.

Permanent approach

In 2013, around 1,430 men were treated with a vasectomy, 2017, the number was almost 2,470, according to the National Health Board. This is an increase of just over 70 percent.

In the three county councils and regions in the country, the trend is clearer in Stockholm, where the number of men who have been sterilized is more than doubled. 2014 was 329, last year the figure rose to 684 – and so far this year (through September) the number is already higher, of which 688 people are.

In male sterilization, vasectomy, sperm cuts are cut, which means that the man is pregnant. After surgery, the sperm can no longer reach the urethra and follow its trigger. However, sperm continues to be produced, but these look after the body and break down. Prostate and semi-cyclists are not affected but continue to produce fluid, which is what you see when triggering.

– One should explain that it is a permanent approach, where there is a danger that you can never get children naturally again. It's also an advantage that it is very effective, "said Niklas Envall.

Sex the same

The surgery itself is simple, surgery occurs under local anesthesia and it takes about a quarter, he says.

– You can go home the same day and three months later you are sterile. He says that there is a much smaller procedure for a man than a woman's sterilization.

Although the number of Swedish-born men's sterilization is increasing, we still remain relatively low globally.

"The fact is that it is quite unusual in Sweden compared to many other countries. Looking at other parts of the world, sterilization is the most common method. In Australia, for example , 10 to 15 percent of men have been sterilized, says Niklas Envall.

TT: Do you think men are going for surgery, fearing that it should not work like that that did so?

"I believe that's what I think it is based on ignorance. In my opinion, it is not clear in the evidence that it affects the sex drive, or # 39; The possibility of raising, or the possibility of triggering. Release is only sperm free – and the aim is being achieved, says Niklas Envall.

Fact: The number is increasing

The number of men who have had a vasectomy in the last five years, is national:

2013: 1,436 people

2014: 2,015 people

2015: 1,458 people

2016: 2 122 people

2017: 2 469 people

The figures for 2018 are not yet ready.

In Stockholm County Council, the numbers are:

2014: 329

2015: 274

2016: 430

2017: 684

2018 (Tom Medi): 688

In the Västra Götaland region:

2014: 432

2015: 310

2016: 321

2017: 380

2018 (Tom Hyd.): 202

In the Skåne Region:

2014: 177

2015: 207

2016: 286

2017: 242

2018 (Tom Hyd.): 209

Source: National Health Board and Local Authorities / Regions

Facts: Vasectomi

In male sterilization, vasectomy, the man has permanently rendered inadequate by breaking seeds.

This means that the sperm can no longer reach the urethra.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Cuttings are made in the shin leather and the doctor then crawls the pieces and breaks. The heads are bonded and cooled.

The operation does not affect sexual capacity, penile sensitivity and the production of male hormones.

You must be 25 years old to have sterilization.

She can regret and shed the seed leaders again, but then the chance of having children is only about 50 percent.

Source: Care guide, Örebro County Region

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