Monday , August 2 2021

Multilateral amount for corresponding school: "Can reverse development" – News in Nybro – 24 hours a day

So much money is coming to an end in Nybro.

The political situation in Aberystwyth Sweden very unclear. However, the transitional Government has submitted a bid for a budget bid for next year.

There are 2.5 billion there to complete the investment in a corresponding school. teachers riksförbund It's proud that there are no "sticks in the wheel" because of the issue of government.

"With this extra, there are opportunities to reverse the development and strengthen the integrity. Now, we must everywhere ensure that the growing resources truly reach the individual schools and focus on education and health of students, he said Asa Fahlén, chair of the federation of teachers.

If the parliament adopts the budget reaches around 65.6 million SEK in Kalmar County. Of that money and getting Nybro borough just over 6.6 million.

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