Sunday , January 17 2021

Paris Hilton's love accident – 10 months after the engagement

Paris Hilton, 37, joined the "rest" actor Chris Zylka, 33, earlier this year.

But now, wedding plans are canceled.

According to data from TMZ, the couple should have separated separately and blown out of each future plan with each other.

According to data from TMZ, the couple have decided not to go on with the wedding plans several weeks ago. Paris Hilton should realize that Chris Zylka was not the right one for her, but the couple are still friends, the newspaper writes.

In Instagram's office, the hotel winner wrote:

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can let you leave. Things go wrong so that you can appreciate it when that is. okay. You believe in lying so you can trust someone else than yourself. And sometimes things fall apart so that you can build better things. "She's writing on Instagram and refers to Marilyn Monroe.

Paris Hilton engages with Aspen

In connection with the engagement, Paris Hilton himself showed pictures and films of the courtroom that took place during a skiing trip in Aspen, and this is also the name "the most romantic time in my life ".

He also showed the unique engagement fee worth over two million dollars.

"I said yes! So happy and excited about being part of my life's love. My best friend and self-sincerity. It's perfect for me in every way. So so wonderful, faithful and warming. I felt like the happiest wife in the world. My dream came true Thanks for showing me the fairytale stories there! "Hilton wrote in Instagram.

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