Friday , September 17 2021

Rebecca Peterson with one win at the Australian Open


Rebecca Peterson enters the second round at the Australian Open.


During bright sunshine, Rebecca Peterson debuted at the Australian Open against Sorana Cirstea.

After the tentative first set, Sweden dominated and eventually won the match with 6-4, 6-1.

– It was a tough match, she said TT.

The sun relentlessly planted at the runway 15 in Melbourne, where Rebecca Peterson debuted at the Australian Open.

But the players did not look too worried about the temperature, which was around 30-stroke.

"I thought it felt good enough, surprisingly good," says Rebecca Peterson after the game.

She was in Melbourne in the south of Australia for about a week to acclimatize to the time zone, tracks and high temperatures that were one of the topics of the tournament.

"It's always hard for me to play in Melbourne, I would say. The tracks are very fast and you never know the weather conditions. But I'm happy with my efforts and I managed to win, says Rebecca Peterson.


But that was a bit of a startling start, suggested by Rebecca Peterson at the Australian Open.

In the first place, Sorana Cirstea, who took 84th place, offered a strong opposition, where players scored 4-4.

– I tried to play many games with her blow and tried to stay quite a bit. This was my first now in four months. So, the only thing I expected from myself is to have a good attitude and fight for every man, Peterson says.

Swede seems to have lost the virgin stone, where she had the advantage of serving. But after the beating of the air with a racket, she gathered, returned and won the clip.

– At four years this was a tough case, which, in my opinion, has solved quite a bit. But I got it with me, and after that I also got to her and started to play better, she says.

From the very speed she also took home the next, and can win her premiere in the big helmet tournament.

In the second set, however, the 23-year-old from Stockholm has significantly increased. Gradually she surpassed her rival and took direct clips before the Romanian brought the console.

– In the second set she mentally lost herself. So I had takeover there and was happy I was caring about it too.

The 23-year-old resident of Stockholm has spent his first match since last fall, when he overloaded his leg and left the game until now.

TT: Do you know anything about the leg during the match?

– No, that's fine. And I think it is the most important thing to feel that it works well. I am very pleased that.

Swedes in the audience

It was decorated with about thirteen Swedes in the audience, which were much louder than Romanian supporters.

– Wonderful! This is a grandiose helmet, where we have the greatest support, I would say. The most loud! Which is really fun, really. I appreciate their support and positive energy.

The next match is likely to be more complicated. Then Rebecca Peterson faced a Russian star Maria Sharapova, who dominated the match against British Harriet Darth from 6-0, 6-0.

But Rebecca Peterson is not afraid of resistance:

"It feels great fun," she says.

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