Saturday , July 24 2021

Shooting at Rosengård – Witnesses heard a number of high bags

On Saturday, police received talks from a witness that saw two people leaving pictures on Hard Road in Malmö. The case has been classified as gross crimes of violence and danger development to others. No person can be arrested.

picture: Patrick Persson

The regional police control center received a number of calls from people in the Örtagården, Rosengård and Persborg areas at 20.50 in relation to high crews.

One witness had seen two people throwing a shot with a weapon.

Several patrols to the van and the place where traces were found show that the shots are lost. Among other things, two hands are empty on the ground.

"It does not seem like shooting someone," said Ulrika Olsson, an internal officer in Malmö Police.

A smaller area was prohibited on Hard Road.

– It was to check for an offense. And it's even tracking so they were not destroyed or anyone could get rid of them, "said Rickard Lundqvist at the police management center.

Technicians did not need to go to the site ever.

The police have not found any injured person, and no-one has taken anyone late on Saturday.

"There are no traces in place and place after someone has been injured and no-one has been consulted with the police or the healthcare provider that you have had to injure, "said Rickard Lundqvist.

The police are now searching for those who carry out.

"We have some certainties to go on," said Ulrika Olsson.

Do you know what weapons have been used?

– No, it's too early to comment on what has been like weapons.

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