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Shyamalan sets the point for the film trilogy – Pages

The third and final film is called "Ice Cream" and ends with the movie No. 2 "Split" (2016). Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson return in their roles from the first movie, which two men consider superheroes comic book models. James McAvoy repeats his role with "Split" as a person with a variety of personalities.

All of them are in a psychiatric hospital where the psychologist tries to make them realize that they simply imagine that they are superheroes. Or is it really fantasy?

The three parts thus came in 2000, 2016 and 2019. M Night Shyamalan shake his head.

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Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and James McCoy replay their roles from "Unbreakable" and "Split" in bio-actual "ice cream". Still photo.

Those who have just seen "Unbreakable" as a new movie, those who have just seen "Split," like this, and those who have not seen the two before, like this. You may have missed color, but it does not matter. This is a movie about three people who believe they are comic figures and they fall into a psychiatric hospital where you are treating people who believe they are comic book heroes, a growing problem in the world. And three of them hold on.

Lost humor

Shyamalan was the foundation for all its years. Of course, some changes have become, and he has not seen "Unbreakable" for inspiration.

I did not feel that I copied myself, so I just started to write. Then I returned and read about the "Unbreakable" script. And it was fun, because there was a lot of humor in what I took off from the finished movie, and that I forgot there. Then I did not really like humor, now I'm a lot better.

Also, Samuel L Jackson did not have to go back to "Unbreakable".

Because I still see it once a year. There are various reasons for this, but the reason is that I think it's a good movie, he says.

"My house is laid"

Although "Glass" in one respect is a superhero film, there are no similarities with, for example, movies Marvel. And Shyamalan would not like to do this – he does not consider himself a "technical guy who likes to make explosions."

This is not my strong side. This is a bit more "Gökboet": it's played mostly in one place, and there's an eleven-minute dialog. This is very different, and I hope the viewers want it. This is a psychological thriller, he says.

And now the trilogy is over. Shyamalan does not make more movies on this topic.

No, just talking about this makes me feel like I do not want to. Who knows, "Glass" may not receive any audience. Perhaps people think it's too boring. And this is normal, you can not afford to be motivated by what's going to be good or not. Being an artist means that you are showing yourself in your eyes, and that's exactly what it should be. For "Ice Cream", I promised my house to get money, and actors worked for less than they used to. But they will get a salary. If you work this way, it gives you better results. The better the work is performed, the more is paid.

"Glass" receives Swedish biopremacy on January 18.

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