Tuesday , June 15 2021

The strong word of Linnea Henriksson am Metoo

Linnea Henriksson is close to her interpretation of one of Stor's songs in the "So Much Better" program with nighttime.

She chooses to make her own version of the "Black Skulls" Stor song – and she is really surprised by her choice.

– Well, is that really? I'm surprised, is it true? "Say in the program.

Linnea Henriksson tells everyone about their own efforts – and you can not talk about all the games, but you can support them.

She says he can not understand what he is exposed to racism.

"But just because I do not understand, that does not mean I'm not behind the battle, just as I know you're behind me in the fight feminist.

That's better 2018: "Feels like he gets silent"

Linnea Henriksson calls her version of the song for "Little Girls".

– Strongly fractured. Wait what's nice, I'm already giving you a hug, Stor says in the program.

Then, Linnea Henriksson undertakes the feminist revolution of Metoo, which spread across the country a year ago.

"It's probably when you're talking about Metoo now later, you'll talk about it as a fly as something happens.

She says that these things are thinking about them. In the last autumn, she felt sound of humor, she said, when women were eager to tell me what they meant.

"But, unfortunately, I do not feel that now. He's feeling calm again.

After the performance, Stor goes on and thanks to Linnea Henriksson for her appearance.

– This is the most fat, here's the most important. You took it and do it for you.

Looking back, Stor says that the Linnea Henriksson version is one of the strongest memories of the day.

– Just what the program should be. It was great, it was really an honor to prove, he said to Expressen.

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