Monday , April 19 2021

Therese Johaug won back-back after closing and scoring

It was a time Therese Johaug, which opened the Norwegian season at Beitostolen today back after it was shut down.

– I'm very proud. He must go as he goes, but I will do my best, "said Johaug at NRK before the race.

And if you want to judge the 10km of today, competitors can compensate to keep up with Therese Johaug this winter.

Fold out of the stadium

Norskan would like to go out of the ski stadium and already 2.2 kilometers it was, for example, 27 seconds before the national team colleague Heidi Weng.

In the aim, only Ingvild Flugstad Östberg was near Johaug's victory time.

"Real orders that every female skiers in the world have difficulty finding games," says the observer NRK, Torjir Bjørn.

Weng Really Beaten

Therese Johaug stretched out his arms in the air as she passed the finish line and was clearly happy.

"It was very special today. It's very nice to be back and meet every person and hear the start and the desire in the track. It was an unexpected feeling," said Johaug at NRK .

Ingvild Flugstad completed Östberg second, 23.9 seconds behind Johaug.

Many other big names were heavy. Heidi Weng was beaten by almost two minutes by Johaug and Maiken Caspersen Fail was 2.36 behind.

"Did Ida Think?"

On the site in Beitostolen were the parents and sister of Thereses Johaug Veronika.

"I've been looking forward to this long time and I'm looking forward to it," said Mother Gro with tears in his eyes to NRK.

Even Therese Johaug, who lost two close friends in recent months, was emotional.

"It's been two difficult years. I was in Ida (Eide) in mind when I was today, he said.

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